Monday, November 29, 2010

Why Today?

I haven't posted for months, so why today? Maybe it is because the swimming was so gorgeous this morning. On my back, fins flipping, the sky was a deep dark bruise of black that made me grit my teeth and enjoy the speed. I love the dark winter mornings, when sips of 32 degree air stolen from above feel like gulps of sweet ice water and every exhale is its own cloud. I love watching the moon fade with every 50, the sky turn the color of blueberry skin, then indigo, and finally the shade of a light blue tuxedo rimmed with white. And I love, especially, the coffee waiting for me just down the street.

*warmup: 200, 150, 100, 50 free each followed by 50 back

*25 kick half underwater, 50 sprint free, 25 kick half underwater, 75 sprint free, 25 kick half underwater, 100 sprint free
repeat 3x, 2nd time back, 3rd time half and half free/back

add fins for:
*3x50's kick on the 45
*100 back recovery
*150 free sprint
*100 back recovery
repeat 3x