Monday, April 30, 2007

Back again

It never ceases to be refreshing to get back in the pool after a long weekend away, even when I spend it doing things as fun as swinging on a sunny beach. What a gorgeous weekend!

Today's workout:

*400 free
*4 x 100 free descending

add fins for:
*400 (rest 15 sec)
*50 fast with first 25 underwater (rest 5 sec)
*100 recovery on back (rest 30 sec)
repeat 3 times, descending each round

take fins off for:
*2 x 300 on the 4:10 (L2)

put fins back on for:
*2 x 300 on the 4:00 (L2). match the amount of rest you got on first round of 300's with amount of rest you get on this round.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Swim AROUND The Rock?

I've been thinking about doing this race. Thinking, at first, that I've been there and done the regular Alcatraz swim twice, why not do something more...challenging? It looks impressive, and I love being able to say I did something impressive. I know I could make the swim. Well, I think I could, despite the fact that the website says scary competitive things such as: "For the first time, the 2008 Summer Olympics will have an Open Water Swim category. The Swim Around the Rock © event is a tremendous training ground for competitors for the Olympics. Some of the world’s best swimmers are expected." Hey, I'm no Olympian but I wouldn't mind swimming behind some.

But, there are two things (besides the "great training for Olympians" comment and the sharks) holding me back from signing myself up to trudge 3.25 miles through currents and freezing water. First, the race costs $350. I understand why--each swimmer has their own personal kayak that follows them throughout the race. That makes me feel good. And hey, if I'm going to spend my money somewhere, hiring a private body guard to follow me on a life-threatening swim certainly can't be called wasteful. The problem is, with two entrepreneurs in my family, I simply don't have the cash.

This second issue is that I will be returning from Hilton Head Island--from a vacation paradise filled with sunshine, ice cream and good old fashioned fried shrimp and grits--the night before the race. Yes, I can swim countless miles at the country club (and I will, along with eating some steak sandwiches on the Underhill tab, thank you very much) on the island and "train" through the Mother's Day club buffet while I'm there, but somehow I just don't feel I'll be prepared for two hours spent "sighting" Alcatraz and then the welcome shore of San Francisco in a rough current while shivering and scanning for sharks.

Still, this race intrigues me. I hope to do it next year, and I hope some of you sign up this year. Check it out and let us all know if you chance to do it!

Here was todays (glorious) workout:

warm up:
*500 free
*200 split by 50's: scull, right arm, left arm, catch-up

all pulling:
*400 free on the 1:25 base (L2)
*3 x 100 free on the 1:20
*300 free on the 1:25 base
*3 x 100 free on the 1:15
*200 free on the 1:25 base
*3 x 100 on the 1:10 (in other words, a 300 straight)

pulling option (which we did not take):
*3 x 300s free with first 100 fast, second 100 recovery, third 100 fast to match first 100 time.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

No, I'm not kidding

This really happened.

Back at the pool tomorrow morning. Yippieeee!

Monday, April 23, 2007

I know you miss me...

Or you haven't even noticed that I'm gone. Either way, I'm not around and while I am having swimming withdrawal symptoms (turning my head to the side to breathe and feeling my eye sockets strain with the desire to be goggled), I did have an enjoyable time lying next to the pool here at this lovely Canyon Ranch Spa in Orlando yesterday. Today it was back to the grind at the big trade show where my company launched our new baby bottle. Whoohooo. All you swimmer babes out there that need a bottle for your own swimmer baby, see me at the pool. I'll give you one to try.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Great workout this morning and glad to have you back Tim. This "wind" and "cold" we have here this week must seem mild to you after braving the Boston Nor'easter but for uber weather wimps like me, it's effing freezing.

This is the end of April which is almost May which means summer is around the corner for F's sake. Could we get some warmth? At least the pool was it's reassuring 80 degree self (which of course is still not warm enough for me). I'm currently huddled over my coffee in a heated office with my Army jacket on. What would become of me if I ever left California to live in a colder climate? Oh what's the point in asking that question: I'm not going anywhere. Ever.

This morning:

*300, 200, 100 free

*8 x 100 kick with fins (done as 4 x 100 repeated twice)
1: back dolphin kick
2: side flutter
3: mostly underwater
4: sprint kick

*5 (yes FIVE) x 300 free descending by 3 seconds each time

*600 straight with paddles (first 100 DPS, second 100 moderate, third 100 faster, REPEAT for the 600 Yards)

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Tell me about yourself...

This is fun. I don't get to swim on Wednesdays so here's some (mostly) non-swimming information about me that I hope you will not use inappropriately against me. It's really fun to answer these questions if only for yourself. Do it. Then post them here because I'd love to know more about all of you!

1.) Q. Can you cook?
A. Well, I can read, so I can follow a recipe. Can I make anything without a recipe? Yes: Cinnamon toast.

2.) Q. What was your dream growing up?
A. To be happy.

3.) Q. What talent do you wish you had?
A. I wish I could sing, big time!

4.) Q. Favorite place?
A. California (home)

5.) Q. Favorite vegetable?
A. Sweet Potato

6.) Q. What was the last book you read?
A. To my kids: The Important Book, to myself: Slow Man

7.) Q. What zodiac sign are you?
A. Sagittarius, but I put zero stock in signs

8.) Q. Any tattoo's or piercings?
A. Yes, both

9.) Q. Worst habit?
A. Never cleaning out my car

10.) Q. If you saw me walking down the street would you offer me a ride?
A. Not sure I understand this question (if I saw WHOM walking down the street - someone I know or someone I don't?), but regardless, No.

11.) Q. What is your favorite sport?
A. Soccer to watch. Swimming to actually do.

12.) Q. Negative or optimistic outlook?
A. In business: pessimistic. In life: optimistic.

13.) Q. What would you do if you were stuck in an elevator with me for hours and hours?
A. Shrug and pull out a book to read

14.) Q. Worst thing to ever happen to you?
A. Depression

15.) Q. Tell me one weird fact about you?
A. I had open heart surgery when I was four years old

16.) Q. Do you have any pets?
A. Just my husband

17.) Q. Do you know how to do the macarena, if so why?
A. No, thank G-d. I forgot.

18.) Q. What time is it where you are now?
A. 6:37 AM

19.) Q. Do you think clowns are cute or scary?
A. Honestly, I have zero feelings for clowns. Never had much use for them, including the one I dated in High School for a bit.

20.) Q. If you could change one thing about how you look what would it be?
A. I'd get new knees (mine seem to be sagging).

21.) Q. Would you be my crime partner or my conscience?
A. Your conscience (I know, you'll be surprised by that one, but really, I would be).

22.) Q. What color eyes do you have?
A. Blue

23.) Q. Ever been arrested?
A. Yes

24.) Q. Bottle or draft?

25.) Q. If you won $100,000.00 today what would you do with it?
A. Save it

26.) Q. What is your favorite drink?
A. After anything with alcohol, Coke (the real stuff).

27.) Q. Where's your favorite place to hang out besides your house?
A. A pool or beach in general. Specifically, at my mom's house.

27.) Q. Do you believe in ghosts?
A. No

28.) Q. Favorite thing to do in your spare time?
A. Swim or read

29.) Q. Biggest pet Peeve?
A. Late people

30.) Q. Do you sware a lot?
A. For Fuck's Sake, no.

31.) Q. In one word how would you describe yourself?
A. Dork

32.) Q. What's your favorite color?
A. Various shades of blue

33.) Q. Do you go to church?
A. No

34.) Q. What would you give up to get in one more swim per week?
A. Nearly anything


(Thanks to the folks at MayasMom for the idea on this post.)

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Inner "Soccer Mom" Demon

Last night we finally relented and let W play in his first league basketball game. All I can say (besides what I've already said in this post) is thank G-d I still do my own athletic endeavors. I'll try to swim and soccer out my tendencies to re-live my competitive youth through my kid (because nothing could be less attractive), with my every dip in the pool and sprint on (my own team's) soccer field, because last night I felt the "Soccer Mom" demon that must live in every doting mother, rumble deep down inside and I never ever want her to get out. I ache inside whenever I think of my kids suffering parental pressure to succeed. I am so lucky my own parents never put one ounce of athletic pressure on me. This preserved my love for sports, and I hope to preserve that love for my sons as well.

Today's Workout:

*4 x 200 (first 150 of each is free. last 50 of #1 is stroke, #2 is different stroke, #3 is kick, #4 is fast stroke)

*2 x 500 free with easy 50 free between the two 500's
(first 350 aerobic pace, following 100 at threshold, final 50 sprint)

*4 x 200 free
(first 125 aerobic pace, following 50 at threshold, final 25 sprint)

*2 x 50s sprint free

Monday, April 16, 2007

Sunset in Tempe, (Rainy) Sunrise in Boston

Just as Mary Posey (and other MM?) are waking up with sore muscles from competing in a day long Ironman in Arizona, Tim and crew are gearing up for the Boston marathon start (7AM our time) amid wind and rain in a Nor'easter storm that promises a high of less than 50 degrees for the day.

I was glad to see that Mary finished the race (I'm never convinced anyone can actually complete one of those things) in a great time of 14.5 hours and with a phenomenal total of $11,000 raised for charity (GO MARY!). As she is luxuriating (or moaning in pain) after her race with (I hope) a late sleep in and some sort of body pampering spa service, the folks listed below are hopping around in freezing weather ready to sprint for 26 miles. I, on the other hand, am just about to hit the pool for a leisurely one hour swim. Today, it's gonna feel easy.

Go Boston Marathoners!!!!:
Tim Sheeper
Mike Osmond
Tracy Fujieda
Lennard Hackman
Greg Johnson
Kirsten Kempe

Friday, April 13, 2007


Just a neat watery pic from my trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium this week.
Swim on!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Pre-swim Routine

Today I was late. I did not do the warm up, I admit. I was wrapped up in writing a post for my other blog at 5:15 AM, which stretched to 5:35 AM, and then I pried myself from the computer. I finished that post later. But it got me thinking, "I wonder what everyone else does in the morning before the 5:45 AM swim."

So, what do you do? How long before you have to get into the car do you set your alarm to go off? If you allow wiggle room between the alarm and the drive, what do you do during that "wiggly" time?

My alarm goes off at 5:15. I have to get in the car at 5:30 if I want to help with the pool covers. I don't ever want to help with the pool covers. I'm a bitch that way. But, I know I should help with the pool covers, and sometimes I can force myself to actually arrive at 5:40. On those days I pat myself on the back (and let this be an official virtual pat on the back for all of you who do covers regularly. Kudos to you. I'll get better now that I've put myself on blast, I promise.).

Anyhoo, at 5:15 I get up, brush my teeth, go downstairs, eat one Cliff shot block (Cran-Razz), and check my email. Usually I get stuck there too long. Then I hurriedly gather my suit and towel (frequently I find no clean towel downstairs and have to go back upstairs to get a new one) in my bag. Then I make sure I have my purse with enough cash in it to get an Americano at Borrone's after practice. Usually by this time I've woken up my two-year-old and I can hear him crying for me in tandem with my husband's curses against my early morning noise. Generally I sneak out, guilty and on tiptoes even though the whole house is already rockin', at 5:35.

So, what are your pre-swim mornings like?

Today's workout:

*As I said, missed most of the warm up. Instead I did a 500 warm down after practice.
*3 x 200's free with an easy 100 in between each
first 200: broken at 100 for 10 sec
second 200: broken at 50 for 5 sec
third 200: straight
*3 x 500's free with an easy 100 in between each
first 500: broken at 250 for 15 sec
second 500: broken at 100 for 10 sec
third 500: broken at 50 for 5 sec (or you can choose to do this straight. Of course, you can also choose to get out. I took the middle of the road and did it broken).
*4 x 25's: kick, sprint, scull, sprint

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Vicarious Ironman

My dearest friend's husband, Michael, (who is also my dear friend), is doing his first Ironman this weekend in Arizona. I know a lot of you crazies do these slow death races regularly, and I'm still not sure how. I can't imagine a 9 to 5 working, single (read: time to work out as much as one desires) person training for, traveling to and actually completing a race that takes a full eleven or twelve hours. (Has anyone told you people this is a WHOLE DAY?).

So my awe of Michael goes even deeper. He has one-year-old twins that he co-parents (shares nearly all responsibilities with their mommy for), is running his own start up business, and makes time to enable his wife to work out and do things like weekend-trip down to LA to see her dear friends. Did I mention he has been training for an Ironman? There are just some people who have enough positive energy to thrust them through nearly any endeavor they choose to embark on, and Michael is one of them. He's the bomb.

As this week drags on for me with my vomiting two-year-old, I'm thinking of Michael and how he must already feel like tossing his Cliff Bars due to nerves. This isn't some down-the-street day trip triathlon he can knock off in a morning (and he's done plenty of those). He is traveling to Arizona with his wife, his twins, his mother, his sister and his brother all along to support and cheer him. Or more factually, all to half support him and half support his wife and her handling of two one-year-olds who can get across an airport floor faster than a hermit crab looking for it's hole in the sand. Michael's got a whole entourage. That's cool. I've always wanted an entourage.

But alas, I'll have to live my entourage and my Ironman experiences vicariously through Michael this weekend. I had high hopes of getting him some sort of gift of luck or at least a homemade GO UNCLE MICHAEL! sign from my kids. But, coloring wasn't in the cards today and the gift basket didn't make it either, so Michael, this post is for you. The Menlo Masters (or at least me) are behind you all the way.

KICK SOME ASS (finish)!

NOW, while I'm on it, are any of us MM doing this race this weekend? If so please tell me! I'd love to post your impressive results!

Finally, here's today's (glorious) workout. And FYI, I was able to recover my shiny red suit from the lost and found bin. whoohooo!

*warm up with a 500 free, then a 250 free
*8 x 50's free on the 45s (for L2)
*8 minute straight swim at threshold pace (about a 675 for L2)
*2 minutes of floaty swim
*6 minute straight swim at threshold pace (about a 550 for L2)
*2 minutes of floaty swim
*4 minute straight swim at threshold pace (about a 325 for L2)
repeat 4 minute swim twice
*final fast 50

Monday, April 9, 2007

Shiny Happy PEEPle...

Well, I left my shiny red suit in the locker room today. Again. Apparently once I order a new suit, I am done with the old. However, during the product shipping time, this leaves me with a little bit of a problem. Good thing I never, ever, throw away a suit until it has hung in my laundry room (much to my husband's dismay) for at least one full year. In other words, I have backups.

This is a good thing because I think I'll need another few days of swimming this week before I come down off the sugar high from yesterday's sticky buns, homemade chocolate waffles (yes, my dad does Easter right), Draeger's quiche and little yellow Peeps (which DO add up even though they are a "fat free candy" and look so nice and soft and harmless). They are not harmless. My dad's back yard resembled a park in Amsterdam's biggest coffee house district yesterday afternoon, with various children coming down, quick and harsh, from the effects of the sparkly yellow fluff.

This photo was taken just before the crash. Here's Ben staring adoringly into my eyes in thanks for the PeepSmack I just allowed him to practically mainline into his veins.

Just Say No to Peeps.

I'm not sure I can even remember the full work out from today...

*warm up with a 400 free, then 5 x 50's free

*5 x 100 free with each 100 done as follows: 25 kick, 25 one arm with other arm at side, 25 of first 12.5 yards sprint, 25 moderate


*4 x 100 free:
first 100 broken at 50 for 10 sec
second 100 recovery
third 100 strong
fourth 100 recovery
repeat 2 times

*floaty free/drill/whatever for five minutes
*one last fast 100

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Easter Suit (Thanks Grandma)

Every year, as Easter rolls around, I think of my Grandma Wilson (my mom's mom). Before you get confused, yes, I'm Jewish. But I haven't always been, and my Southern Baptist grandma from Savannah, GA certainly never was. (However, she was the most loving, accepting, altruistic and politically progressive person I've ever known, save her husband, my grandpa, who was her equal. They were not your typical Right Wing Southern Baptists. In fact when I married N, a Jew, and my mother asked my grandpa what he thought about that, he said "Well that's just fine, just fine. Our Lord Jesus Christ was Jewish, and he was a wonderful man." While I wouldn't equate N to Jesus, he is a good guy. And so was my grandpa).

Easter was a bigger deal to my grandparents than Christmas ever was. And why not? After all, everybody gets born. Not everybody is reputed to have risen from the dead and saved the souls of all who choose to take Him as their Lord.

Never mind that I had "issues" with this story growing up. Let's just say it is fitting that I ended up in engineering school. I've got "issues" with anything I can't see proven before my eyes. But never mind that. I got a reeeeal purty dress every April as I was growing up, and I still want a fancy Easter outfit.

This year I'm really watching my spending. Two start-ups in one family just shouldn't be allowed. But this morning it dawned on me: I can justify a new Easter suit! My grandma would have approved, my mom will love that I'm continuing this tradition (and she may even post-fund the effort if I'm lucky), and I can certainly put the suit in the category of "something I'll get A LOT of use out of". So here goes. I'm clicking "order" at Splish right now. And there you have the story of the new shiny suit you'll see shimmering through the pool...

...And here was today's workout:

*warm up with 2 x 300 free, every 4th length free drill
*3 x 200 descending with third 200 top effort (done on the 3:15 for L2)
*3 x 50 recovery
*3 x 200 at top effort pace you set on last 200 above (done on the 3:15 for L2)
*3 x 50 recovery
*3 x 100 descending with third 100 top effort (done on the 1:45 for L2)
*2 x 50 recovery
*3 x 100 at top effort pace you set on last 100 above (done on the 1:45 for L2)
*2 x 50 recovery
*5 x 50 on the 37.5 seconds for L2
Get out and get ready to eat that Easter brunch tomorrow!

Friday, April 6, 2007

Watch This Soccer Movie

My boys picked this out at the library last night (how proud was I?) and all four of us watched it with chills of excitement. Having dedicated a good portion of my life to soccer, I couldn't be happier that the kids are interested in the sport, and in women's soccer particularly (especially since they are male).

Aside from all the great soccer and inspirational bootstraps story the movie provides, it shows how the women on the team succeeded as some of the most incredible professional athletes ever, while also raising families on the road. This movie will touch you on a "I want to be a rock star just like those girls" level, as well as on a "You go girl" feminist level.

This morning my boys woke up and asked to watch Chastain score the winning goal one more time. Never mind that they had devilish little smiles which I knew meant that, specifically, they wanted to see Brandi take off her shirt again. Never mind. W followed up that smile with "Her goal is awesome." I've still got chills.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Phelps as his own country

My son threw up all night last night so I didn't make it to the pool this morning (sigh). I've already put in an official request for a swim tomorrow morning. Not sure yet if it has been approved by the husband. Anyway, this morning I had to settle for reading about swimming, which I did, in the new SI that came yesterday.

You can read the article here. My favorite quote is from Australia's Libby Lenton (five gold medals, the most of any woman in Melbourne) who had a not-unreasonable suggestion for the 2008 Olympics in Beijing: "To be fair, let's have three teams," she said. "America, Australia and Michael Phelps." Go Mike.

If anyone would like to post the workout from today, that'd be swell. Hope to see you tomorrow!

Tuesday, April 3, 2007


Happy Pesach people. If you non-Jews want to see what Jews do tonight (and last night), instead of Easter (or, in my case, in addition to Easter - I like bunnies and I grew up with candy filled eggs and I'll be damned if I'm giving those up just because I don't believe Jesus rose from the dead), get the story here. Don't worry, religious people scare me too. I promise I am not linking you to an in-depth explanation of why you should convert to Judaism.

Speaking of Passover, I'd have liked to pass right over the workout this morning. No-breathing freestyle, butterfly, underwater dolphin kicking and sprint kicking are numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4 on my Top 4 "Strokes" I Hate list. But I'm not complaining (much). Frankly I like to mix it up, and hey what about those obstacle course-like workouts we used to do? Pull outs and push ups and egg beaters with arms in the air...I'm ready for another of those mornings. Any other fans?

Today's Sedar Swim
*warm up with:
7 lengths free, 1 length kick
6 lengths free, 1 length kick get the idea, down to 3 lengths free, 1 length kick
*4 x 75 repeated 3 times (on last person):
75 #1: underwater kick until you need to breathe, then flutter kick on back rest of the length
75 #2: fly, free, fly
75 #3: sprint free
75 #4: float free, scull, float free
*10 x 25 repeated 3 times (yes that's 30 total) done in this pattern (on last person):
4 x 25 fly
3 x 25 underwater dolphin kick
2 x 25 no breath free
1 x 25 sprint flutter kick
3 x 50 sprint: fly, free, kick

Monday, April 2, 2007


After leading the first 2/3 of the workout this morning I had to abdicate control and give Emmit his wings. The guy does have "Leadership" tattooed across the back of his neck, so forgive me if I think it's okay to demand that he lead when I'm dying up front. Just before we started off on our 8 x 50's Emmit told me the leadership tattoo was acquired after completing his Masters thesis on the topic, "Leadership Is Art". I'd like to read that.

After the 8 x 50's and just before the fast 400 he gave me (as, I can only suppose, salve for my now-drafting ego) my new favorite quote for all future instances when I want to give up the lead at practice: "Too much leadership in one area and you die a martyr." No martyrdom in the pool for me, thanks.

More on Emmit's tattoos in future posts. I can't go into more detail about them until I get photos.

Today's Workout:
*comfy 600 free warm up
*not so comfy 2 x 200's followed by a 400 matching 200 pace
*even less comfy 4 x 100's followed by a 400 matching 100 pace
*uncomfy 8 x 50's followed by a 400 matching 50 pace
*easy 100
*8 x 25's on the 25 s interval