Saturday, April 7, 2007

Easter Suit (Thanks Grandma)

Every year, as Easter rolls around, I think of my Grandma Wilson (my mom's mom). Before you get confused, yes, I'm Jewish. But I haven't always been, and my Southern Baptist grandma from Savannah, GA certainly never was. (However, she was the most loving, accepting, altruistic and politically progressive person I've ever known, save her husband, my grandpa, who was her equal. They were not your typical Right Wing Southern Baptists. In fact when I married N, a Jew, and my mother asked my grandpa what he thought about that, he said "Well that's just fine, just fine. Our Lord Jesus Christ was Jewish, and he was a wonderful man." While I wouldn't equate N to Jesus, he is a good guy. And so was my grandpa).

Easter was a bigger deal to my grandparents than Christmas ever was. And why not? After all, everybody gets born. Not everybody is reputed to have risen from the dead and saved the souls of all who choose to take Him as their Lord.

Never mind that I had "issues" with this story growing up. Let's just say it is fitting that I ended up in engineering school. I've got "issues" with anything I can't see proven before my eyes. But never mind that. I got a reeeeal purty dress every April as I was growing up, and I still want a fancy Easter outfit.

This year I'm really watching my spending. Two start-ups in one family just shouldn't be allowed. But this morning it dawned on me: I can justify a new Easter suit! My grandma would have approved, my mom will love that I'm continuing this tradition (and she may even post-fund the effort if I'm lucky), and I can certainly put the suit in the category of "something I'll get A LOT of use out of". So here goes. I'm clicking "order" at Splish right now. And there you have the story of the new shiny suit you'll see shimmering through the pool...

...And here was today's workout:

*warm up with 2 x 300 free, every 4th length free drill
*3 x 200 descending with third 200 top effort (done on the 3:15 for L2)
*3 x 50 recovery
*3 x 200 at top effort pace you set on last 200 above (done on the 3:15 for L2)
*3 x 50 recovery
*3 x 100 descending with third 100 top effort (done on the 1:45 for L2)
*2 x 50 recovery
*3 x 100 at top effort pace you set on last 100 above (done on the 1:45 for L2)
*2 x 50 recovery
*5 x 50 on the 37.5 seconds for L2
Get out and get ready to eat that Easter brunch tomorrow!


Emmit said...

I thought your mom had to be Jewish in order for you to be Jewish.

sarah said...

Not when you convert :)