Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Vicarious Ironman

My dearest friend's husband, Michael, (who is also my dear friend), is doing his first Ironman this weekend in Arizona. I know a lot of you crazies do these slow death races regularly, and I'm still not sure how. I can't imagine a 9 to 5 working, single (read: time to work out as much as one desires) person training for, traveling to and actually completing a race that takes a full eleven or twelve hours. (Has anyone told you people this is a WHOLE DAY?).

So my awe of Michael goes even deeper. He has one-year-old twins that he co-parents (shares nearly all responsibilities with their mommy for), is running his own start up business, and makes time to enable his wife to work out and do things like weekend-trip down to LA to see her dear friends. Did I mention he has been training for an Ironman? There are just some people who have enough positive energy to thrust them through nearly any endeavor they choose to embark on, and Michael is one of them. He's the bomb.

As this week drags on for me with my vomiting two-year-old, I'm thinking of Michael and how he must already feel like tossing his Cliff Bars due to nerves. This isn't some down-the-street day trip triathlon he can knock off in a morning (and he's done plenty of those). He is traveling to Arizona with his wife, his twins, his mother, his sister and his brother all along to support and cheer him. Or more factually, all to half support him and half support his wife and her handling of two one-year-olds who can get across an airport floor faster than a hermit crab looking for it's hole in the sand. Michael's got a whole entourage. That's cool. I've always wanted an entourage.

But alas, I'll have to live my entourage and my Ironman experiences vicariously through Michael this weekend. I had high hopes of getting him some sort of gift of luck or at least a homemade GO UNCLE MICHAEL! sign from my kids. But, coloring wasn't in the cards today and the gift basket didn't make it either, so Michael, this post is for you. The Menlo Masters (or at least me) are behind you all the way.

KICK SOME ASS (finish)!

NOW, while I'm on it, are any of us MM doing this race this weekend? If so please tell me! I'd love to post your impressive results!

Finally, here's today's (glorious) workout. And FYI, I was able to recover my shiny red suit from the lost and found bin. whoohooo!

*warm up with a 500 free, then a 250 free
*8 x 50's free on the 45s (for L2)
*8 minute straight swim at threshold pace (about a 675 for L2)
*2 minutes of floaty swim
*6 minute straight swim at threshold pace (about a 550 for L2)
*2 minutes of floaty swim
*4 minute straight swim at threshold pace (about a 325 for L2)
repeat 4 minute swim twice
*final fast 50

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