Monday, April 30, 2007

Back again

It never ceases to be refreshing to get back in the pool after a long weekend away, even when I spend it doing things as fun as swinging on a sunny beach. What a gorgeous weekend!

Today's workout:

*400 free
*4 x 100 free descending

add fins for:
*400 (rest 15 sec)
*50 fast with first 25 underwater (rest 5 sec)
*100 recovery on back (rest 30 sec)
repeat 3 times, descending each round

take fins off for:
*2 x 300 on the 4:10 (L2)

put fins back on for:
*2 x 300 on the 4:00 (L2). match the amount of rest you got on first round of 300's with amount of rest you get on this round.


Nori said...

I read last year in "USMS Swimmer" that May was Coach Appreciation Month. Everyone be sure and tell your coaches how much you appreciate them.

Tom Anderson said...

Thanks helping to log me on!