Thursday, April 5, 2007

Phelps as his own country

My son threw up all night last night so I didn't make it to the pool this morning (sigh). I've already put in an official request for a swim tomorrow morning. Not sure yet if it has been approved by the husband. Anyway, this morning I had to settle for reading about swimming, which I did, in the new SI that came yesterday.

You can read the article here. My favorite quote is from Australia's Libby Lenton (five gold medals, the most of any woman in Melbourne) who had a not-unreasonable suggestion for the 2008 Olympics in Beijing: "To be fair, let's have three teams," she said. "America, Australia and Michael Phelps." Go Mike.

If anyone would like to post the workout from today, that'd be swell. Hope to see you tomorrow!

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Haim said...

500 swim; 100 kick; 3x50 drill.

Main Set:
4 x 200; 8x100; 50 fast on the 1:25 base (for Lane 2).

8x100 on 20 seconds rest as:
Odd - 25 kick, 25 weakest stroke, 50 drill;
Even - faster than 1650 race pace.

You would have liked this one.