Monday, April 2, 2007


After leading the first 2/3 of the workout this morning I had to abdicate control and give Emmit his wings. The guy does have "Leadership" tattooed across the back of his neck, so forgive me if I think it's okay to demand that he lead when I'm dying up front. Just before we started off on our 8 x 50's Emmit told me the leadership tattoo was acquired after completing his Masters thesis on the topic, "Leadership Is Art". I'd like to read that.

After the 8 x 50's and just before the fast 400 he gave me (as, I can only suppose, salve for my now-drafting ego) my new favorite quote for all future instances when I want to give up the lead at practice: "Too much leadership in one area and you die a martyr." No martyrdom in the pool for me, thanks.

More on Emmit's tattoos in future posts. I can't go into more detail about them until I get photos.

Today's Workout:
*comfy 600 free warm up
*not so comfy 2 x 200's followed by a 400 matching 200 pace
*even less comfy 4 x 100's followed by a 400 matching 100 pace
*uncomfy 8 x 50's followed by a 400 matching 50 pace
*easy 100
*8 x 25's on the 25 s interval


Emmit said...

Actually my thesis is entitled "Leadership is Art" and I would be thrilled if somebody wanted to read it. Leadership is also beauty, nature, truth, love, and to be controversial: religion and science (leadership is the fusion of opposites). Leadership can be a sport too, which is what I experience in swimming. I experience leadership/art when I swim.

Emmit said...

O.K....maybe not religion, perhaps spirituality is little more precise.