Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Inner "Soccer Mom" Demon

Last night we finally relented and let W play in his first league basketball game. All I can say (besides what I've already said in this post) is thank G-d I still do my own athletic endeavors. I'll try to swim and soccer out my tendencies to re-live my competitive youth through my kid (because nothing could be less attractive), with my every dip in the pool and sprint on (my own team's) soccer field, because last night I felt the "Soccer Mom" demon that must live in every doting mother, rumble deep down inside and I never ever want her to get out. I ache inside whenever I think of my kids suffering parental pressure to succeed. I am so lucky my own parents never put one ounce of athletic pressure on me. This preserved my love for sports, and I hope to preserve that love for my sons as well.

Today's Workout:

*4 x 200 (first 150 of each is free. last 50 of #1 is stroke, #2 is different stroke, #3 is kick, #4 is fast stroke)

*2 x 500 free with easy 50 free between the two 500's
(first 350 aerobic pace, following 100 at threshold, final 50 sprint)

*4 x 200 free
(first 125 aerobic pace, following 50 at threshold, final 25 sprint)

*2 x 50s sprint free

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