Thursday, April 26, 2007

Swim AROUND The Rock?

I've been thinking about doing this race. Thinking, at first, that I've been there and done the regular Alcatraz swim twice, why not do something more...challenging? It looks impressive, and I love being able to say I did something impressive. I know I could make the swim. Well, I think I could, despite the fact that the website says scary competitive things such as: "For the first time, the 2008 Summer Olympics will have an Open Water Swim category. The Swim Around the Rock © event is a tremendous training ground for competitors for the Olympics. Some of the world’s best swimmers are expected." Hey, I'm no Olympian but I wouldn't mind swimming behind some.

But, there are two things (besides the "great training for Olympians" comment and the sharks) holding me back from signing myself up to trudge 3.25 miles through currents and freezing water. First, the race costs $350. I understand why--each swimmer has their own personal kayak that follows them throughout the race. That makes me feel good. And hey, if I'm going to spend my money somewhere, hiring a private body guard to follow me on a life-threatening swim certainly can't be called wasteful. The problem is, with two entrepreneurs in my family, I simply don't have the cash.

This second issue is that I will be returning from Hilton Head Island--from a vacation paradise filled with sunshine, ice cream and good old fashioned fried shrimp and grits--the night before the race. Yes, I can swim countless miles at the country club (and I will, along with eating some steak sandwiches on the Underhill tab, thank you very much) on the island and "train" through the Mother's Day club buffet while I'm there, but somehow I just don't feel I'll be prepared for two hours spent "sighting" Alcatraz and then the welcome shore of San Francisco in a rough current while shivering and scanning for sharks.

Still, this race intrigues me. I hope to do it next year, and I hope some of you sign up this year. Check it out and let us all know if you chance to do it!

Here was todays (glorious) workout:

warm up:
*500 free
*200 split by 50's: scull, right arm, left arm, catch-up

all pulling:
*400 free on the 1:25 base (L2)
*3 x 100 free on the 1:20
*300 free on the 1:25 base
*3 x 100 free on the 1:15
*200 free on the 1:25 base
*3 x 100 on the 1:10 (in other words, a 300 straight)

pulling option (which we did not take):
*3 x 300s free with first 100 fast, second 100 recovery, third 100 fast to match first 100 time.

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