Friday, April 6, 2007

Watch This Soccer Movie

My boys picked this out at the library last night (how proud was I?) and all four of us watched it with chills of excitement. Having dedicated a good portion of my life to soccer, I couldn't be happier that the kids are interested in the sport, and in women's soccer particularly (especially since they are male).

Aside from all the great soccer and inspirational bootstraps story the movie provides, it shows how the women on the team succeeded as some of the most incredible professional athletes ever, while also raising families on the road. This movie will touch you on a "I want to be a rock star just like those girls" level, as well as on a "You go girl" feminist level.

This morning my boys woke up and asked to watch Chastain score the winning goal one more time. Never mind that they had devilish little smiles which I knew meant that, specifically, they wanted to see Brandi take off her shirt again. Never mind. W followed up that smile with "Her goal is awesome." I've still got chills.

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