Thursday, March 8, 2007

Butter My Buoy?

I know it's going to be a good day when the morning opens with one of my muscled male teammates (fully clothed of course) opening his parka to me for warmth while listening to the warm up set. (Apparently he hadn't heard about this damning blog yet :).

Things just got better (if that's possible) from there. The fact that the main set was done with paddles didn't lessen my excitement when I heard Tim say "Eight 300's." Whooohoooo! Freestyle junkie heaven. Little did I know this uber set would also be a chance for me to improve my swim-cabulary.

After the first 300, Emmit (correct my spelling if need be) popped up during the rest period and said, "Okay. Someone buttered my buoy". Fabulous.

I don't know if Emmit made this term up or if I've just been unfortunate enough thus far in my career not to hear it, but I love it. I immediately knew exactly what he meant. This whole buoy buttering is exactly why I never, ever, use a buoy. It drives me crazy. Typically I was the one to butter my own buoy with careless flip turns, but no matter. The thing bothered me and also grossed me out (I'm not squeamish but Styrofoam that has previously been wedged into other folks' crotches doesn't hold much allure for me) so I eradicated it from my swimming repertoire.

Back to the vocabulary. Hearing the term "buttered my buoy" only made me wonder what the analogous term would be for losing a paddle. The best I could come up with during the rest of the set was "piddled my paddle". I need help. All those who can think of a term for losing a paddle that comes anywhere close to the genius of the buoy line, leave it here. I'll be the judge of the winner.

And the workout was...

*5 x 150 with the first 50 of each done as two-count drill. 5 seconds rest between 150's
*8 x 300, descending by 2 (swim first 300, match with second. descend third 300, match with fourth, etc.). We had about 25 seconds rest between 300's so whatever interval that is for your lane, do it :).
*1 x 300 broken at the 25 for 5 seconds. first 25 done as 2 count drill, second 25 hard. repeat throughout 300.


Matt said...

Always bring my own buoy. Always. Except times like now when I am in cold Finland for 2 weeks and swimming with my adopted Finnish Masters team.

I lose my paddles often, too. But I LOSE them, lose them. As in leaving them poolside and not taking them home. The term for that is "dumb" I think. Piddle sounds much better.

sarah said...

Glad to hear you're tuned in from Finland. Geezus. It's slated to be 78 degrees here this weekend. Jealous?

annifer8 said...

Sarah - you left your shiny red suit in the locker room. I picked it up and will bring it back to you tomorrow. Maybe you can write a piece on how hard it is not to leave your stuff in the locker room :) Anne

Nori said...
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sarah said...

darn it! thanks anne, i knew i was missing something. hold on to that shiny piece for me...that's my special Xmas/Valentine's suit. I think everyone should suit by season.