Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Bonus Day

I don't usually get to swim on Wednesdays so today was a special bonus (which I took before my husband could change his mind and say no...before he woke up) given to me because said husband is about to leave for a business trip (sigh, I'll be absent from the pool for a few days, but I'll be soaking up the sun. Hello, can you believe this weather?).

By the way, this is a totally random photo of a swimmer I found on the web so don't waste your time trying to figure out who this is. However, that gives me an idea: I think I'll take bare toe photos of team members and see if anyone can guess whose they are. Or maybe hands or knees. Elbows are fun. You just never know with me. Ladies, be sure to keep mani and pedicured at all times so that I don't catch you unaware. (Right, as if any of us get manicures. What's up with the immediate nail demolishing by chlorine? Have they not engineered a chemical that will allow us to swim and stay coiffed at the same time? Apparently not. Hmph).

Back to bonus days, I'm curious how many days a week you all swim. Two? Five? Seven? Do tell. I am allotted Mon, Tues, Thurs and Sat and I want more. I wonder, when I'm alone at night insomniating and such, about those of you who swim every day. Do you ever get tired of it or is it constant weightless bliss? What is the ideal number of swim days per week?

Enough ramblings. Here's today's workout:

*700 done as the following pattern four times through: 5 laps free, 1 lap backstroke, 1 lap breastroke
*50 fly/back, 25 kick, 50 breast/free, 25 kick four times through
*3 x 200 IM's descending with the emphasis (faster length) on the second length of each stroke. These were done with 45 seconds rest between
*3 x 200 freestyle broken at the 50, working on pacing each 50 evenly for 200 pace. 50's done on the 50 second interval (for Lane 2). 45 seconds rest between 200's.
*2 x 200's not broken trying to hold 50 yard pace from set above.
*1 x 200 loosen so that you "go into the shower loose, not tight" as Tim instructed.

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