Saturday, March 3, 2007

My kind of swim meet

No, this is not a Turkish men's sauna. This is our own "warm pool" (I don't care if it feels like a bath of urine, I like it) filled (okay sprinkled) with swimmers waiting to race. If only all swim meets, like the informal intramural one we had today, consisted mainly of a bunch of nice people luxuriating in 85 degree water, I believe I'd participate in more than one per year.

Sure, I was able to clock a few substandard times in a couple of events, and I got a workout during the 6-7 timeframe, but today was much more rewarding than an average meet would be for me.

Not only was the warm water a bonus, but this morning at the meet I actually met more of my teammates than I had in a few years. Usually at these things I spend my time shivering or swimming back and forth to avoid frostbite, but today I was able to engage in a conversation that was more than a brief wall chat like "Yah, you going? If not, let me. I'm freezing." It was actually fun. Honest.

And here's Tim. G-d love him. How this man is still able to get himself fired up about the times we individually turn in at an informal event like this that few people show up for, I don't know. Is he faking it? When he shouts out a play by play of a race so we'll all know (the "we" that wouldn't dare leave our 85 degrees to watch a race besides our own) that Jim in lane 3 is catching up to John in lane 4 even though they still have 100 yards left to swim, is he truly excited about the prospect of John beating Jim? Or is he just a stellar actor? I think he really cares. And that rocks. And even if he doesn't, who cares? He makes us feel like he does, and that is what a great coach can do: motivate others through his own enthusiasm. We love you Tim!

And that brings me to a call to action. I'm not sure if anyone is even reading this, but if you are I encourage you to leave shout outs to Tim in the comment section below. Tell your favorite Timspirational story. Come on. The words are in you, just put 'em down. Here.


Nori said...

Tim is the best! I'm relatively new to Menlo Masters, but Tim's support and consistent positive energy have made joining a new club a really good experience. He and everyone else have been great at making me feel welcome. Menlo Masters is everything a swim club should be like, and I know a lot of this comes from the top down. Thanks, lane mates! Thanks, Tim!

- Virginia [Nori(ko) is my middle name, and my blog alias]

Anne (Nana) said...

How does Tim always know exactly what time I can do for any distance? He seems to know times for everyone on the team. That's amazing!

Peter said...

Tim has an amazing way of helping you achieve your goals, and a very polite way of telling you (me) you're being an idiot without actually saying it.

Alexia said...

I totally agree with Nori. I'm new to the club and have felt nothing but a warm welcome from my lane mates and the coaches. I was surprised at the individual attention I got from Tim re: my less than perfect stroke form. I took his comments to heart and immediately started to improve. It's the positive, enthusiastic environment that keeps me coming back -- especially on the mornings where all I want to do is stay under the covers.