Thursday, March 22, 2007


Thanks to Tim for plugging the blog in the MM newsletter yesterday. No thanks to Tim for calling me "Wild Sarah". I'm not offended, and the descriptor fits, but I've always wanted a nickname and this isn't it. I believe that if it's going to involve my name it should at least rhyme or be alliterative. I'm leaning towards Super Sarah, or maybe just BadAss, neither of which are inventive at all. My Goddaughter calls me SaSa. That's cute, but hardly tough enough, so I'm sort of left hanging on this one.

Speaking of being left hanging, I think I deeply offended Tim when I didn't mentally record my time for the fourth 500 during workout this morning. Note to noon swimmers: Tim will become very annoyed (and possibly will simply walk away) if you do not note your fourth 500 time. I had no idea we were self-recording so I didn't even look. Felt like a moron when he gave me that "How could you not check your time?" blank stare. How, indeed. I'm the worst at results-oriented sets. I never check (can't really see the clock anyway so that's partly my excuse).

Results or no, it was a great workout today.

*4 x 500 descending.
*2 x 100 at fastest sustainable interval possible (such as a 1:15 or 1:20 for Lane 2).
*1 x 50 where first three strokes are butterfly, then free rest of the length but touch 3rd and last blue line with hands or feet, then return length is head-up freestyle.
*1 x 150 recovery
Repeat 3 times

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