Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Soggy Spandex

When the alarm went off this morning at 5:15 I could not motivate my sore muscles to move. After some aggressive bed stretching (okay nodding off), I managed to get up and get to the water by 6:15, just in time to jump into the main set, cold as ice. But no matter, because after this set was over, the fins came off and I got a lovely little boost in energy.

David, a fellow Lane 2 swimmer, handed me his fins to put up on the deck because I was hanging on the wall and he was treading water. His fins safely on deck, I began to bend over to take off my own fins when David handed me something...more: a mass of soggy black spandex.

He allowed me a good two seconds to think "JACKPOT" and begin to look down beneath the surface to see what he'd revealed before he said "Those are my socks." Ewwww. Talk about breaking the mood.

But I refused to be broken immediately. I couldn't refrain from twirling the socks above my head and howling "Whooohoooo!" like a cheap Vegas tourist in a strip club. That's just me on a Tuesday morning at 6:30 AM. Call me crazy. Lots of people do.

And here's what we swam:

*150 free moderate, 75 stroke free stroke, 25 kick
repeat 3 times

Add fins for:
*3 x 250 descending, 100 easy kick
repeat 2 times

Remove fins and suits, uh, socks for:
free on (level 2) the 1:35 base
*2 x 150
*1 x 300, beat time for 2 x 150's
*2 x 100
*1 x 200, beat time for 2 x 100's


Haim said...


David M. said...

As the named culprit here, I feel obliged to mention it was two socks (not one, not ten), and that the only intended purpose was to prevent blisters on my otherwise sensitive toes. I can think of no other reason to have a sock in a swimming pool while wearing a speedo.

sarah said...

Me neither. Can't think of one single reason. Nope.

Barbara said...

dave, I think the socks slowed you down.