Monday, November 29, 2010

Why Today?

I haven't posted for months, so why today? Maybe it is because the swimming was so gorgeous this morning. On my back, fins flipping, the sky was a deep dark bruise of black that made me grit my teeth and enjoy the speed. I love the dark winter mornings, when sips of 32 degree air stolen from above feel like gulps of sweet ice water and every exhale is its own cloud. I love watching the moon fade with every 50, the sky turn the color of blueberry skin, then indigo, and finally the shade of a light blue tuxedo rimmed with white. And I love, especially, the coffee waiting for me just down the street.

*warmup: 200, 150, 100, 50 free each followed by 50 back

*25 kick half underwater, 50 sprint free, 25 kick half underwater, 75 sprint free, 25 kick half underwater, 100 sprint free
repeat 3x, 2nd time back, 3rd time half and half free/back

add fins for:
*3x50's kick on the 45
*100 back recovery
*150 free sprint
*100 back recovery
repeat 3x

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Another beautiful weekend of soccer

Some people think this is over-scheduling, but I beg to differ. We've got two games today, one of which I need to coach. Tomorrow there are three games, one of which I need to play in. In addition we'll be watching the Stanford football game tonight, and attending a dear friend's birthday party tomorrow. Somehow I've got to find time in there to work. BUT I LOVE MY BUSY WEEKENDS, and there is only one way to start them off...with a great swim.

warmup: 300 free, 3x100's kick, back, breast, 6x50's paced at same interval

at threshold pace:
*200, 2x100's, 4x50's
at recovery pace:
*3x50's kick, back, breast
Repeat 2x

at threshold pace:
*100, 3x50's
at recovery pace:
*150 easy
Repeat 2x

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My second favorite thing

My first favorite past time is, of course, swimming. Coming in at a close second is readingandeating. No, I can't separate the two. I'm sorry. They are a direct tie. That's why kepler'sandcafeborrone, sitting right next to each other in the heart of Menlo Park, make me so happy. I read while I eat, browse books after I eat, and just generally could spend pretty much all of my days right there in Menlo Center. If you're anything like me, or you just know how to read and like a good meal once in a while, I really don't understand why you wouldn't buy today's JITC deal. I mean, there, I said it. It's right there to the right on my sidebar.

As for this morning's workout, I've now got some help from a friend who is dabbling in physical training, and so I've been doing some leg and ab work before swimming in the morning. Today I did some mixture of lunges, calf raises, crazy ab twist thingies and squats called "Derek Jeters". Fun. THEN I was hit with the following:

*warmup: 300 free, 100 kick, 200 free, 100 stroke

add pull gear for:

*800 steady
*2 x 100's on the 1:15
*600 steady
*2 x 100's on the 1:15
*400 steady
*2 x 100's on the 1:15

remove pull gear (thank goodness) for:

*2 x 50's easy
*400 strong broken as:
100, 2 x 75's, 3 x 50's with 5 sec rest in-between

Monday, September 13, 2010

Birthday cupcakes and soccer snack schedules

Really, do we need all the snacks during and after every sports event and mid-day during school on every birthday? I'm just plain sick of it. Today's locker room discussion after the swim was centered around the fact that one parent's school had decided that all birthdays during September should be celebrated on a single day. Therefore, all the moms of September birthday kids had to organize which day to bring all the junk to school, and who would make it. Of course, scheduling issues and food-related bickering ensued. I don't understand the teacher-directed "parents, you organize and bring treats for your child's birthday" behavior. Do we really need to have ANYTHING brought to school for a kid's birthday? No. I never did it growing up, and I have never done it for my child at their school. It's ridiculous. And I applaud my kids' school for banning all birthday food as of last year. Hurrah!

And don't even get me started on the sports snack schedules. I believe this snack schedule thing was created by some evil-doer non-parent who decided to screw the rest of us with one extra duty, generally on the weekend, to add to getting the kids and all their gear to their respective games on time with the correct uniform on. So that's number one. Number two, handing out crap after a simple sporting event just makes no sense to me. What are we teaching our children? Go run around for an hour and then I'll give you some food IMMEDIATELY because you can't survive until we have a meal? Do we really want to feed our kids more calories than they've just burned off, as a treat for being active? No wonder more kids have weight problems than ever before. I may not have reduced the calories much, because I do give my soccer team Gatorade after a game to appease the snack-obsessed kids and parents - and that stuff has unneccesary syrup in it as well (hey, what's wrong with water!?!?!) - but at least it's hydrating. And at least none of the parents has to worry about their DREADED SNACK DAY!

Speaking of burning calories, here was today's workout. I also have decided to do 5 minutes of abs and 5 minutes of lunges before most swims, because I think meneeds some major strength training for soccer season, which began yesterday!

warmup: 100 free, 50 stroke
repeat 5x

50 technique, 100 aerobic, 200 threshold, 100 technique, 50 sprint
repeat 3x

250 done as 5x50's straight in above pattern
repeat 3x

Friday, September 10, 2010

Swim to Eat

Today's workout was just the kind of thing I needed to justify eating a ton of Italian food at half price (check out the deal to the right there - this place is really good and is downtown PA). So here goes:

warmup: 300 free, 200 back to breast, 100 IM, 50 stroke

add pulling gear for following descending set (all 100's strong):
200, 175, 150, 125, 100
175, 150, 125, 100
150, 125, 100
125, 100

remove pulling gear for following descending set (all 25's sprint free or fly):
125, 100, 75, 50, 25
100, 75, 50, 25
75, 50, 25
50, 25

total: 3,425 yards

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Open Water Swim Wish List

Just found this list of 50 great open water swims (one in each state) and had to share. Oh, to have the time.

Alabama – That Dam Swim in Muscle Shoals
Alaska – Pennock Island Challenge in Ketchikan
Arizona – Arizona Open Water Series in Pleasant Harbor Marina
Arkansas - DeGray Lake Open Water Swim in Bismarck
California – Trans Tahoe Relay in Lake Tahoe
Colorado– Horsetooth Long Distance Swim in Fort Collins
Connecticut – St. Vincent's Swim Across The Sound in Bridgeport
Delaware– Lums Pond State Park in Bear
Florida – Swim Around Key West in Key West
Georgia – SwimForYourLife in Lake Lanier in Atlanta
Hawaii – North Shore Swim Series in Honolulu on Oahu
Idaho – Lake Coeur d'Alene in Coeur d'Alene
Illinois – Big Shoulders in Lake Michigan
Indiana – Masters Championships in Morse Reservoir in Noble
Iowa – Lake Okoboji in the Iowa Great Lakes Region
Kansas – Shawnee Mission Park in Shawnee
Kentucky – Cave Run Lake south of Morehead
Louisiana– Aqualung Open Water Swim in Bush
Maine – Peaks Island to East End Beach in Portland
Maryland – Great Chesapeake Bay Swim
Massachusetts – Boston Light Swim in Boston Harbor
Michigan – Mackinac Island on Lake Huron
Minnesota – Lake Minnetonka near Minneapolis-St. Paul
Mississippi – Gator Bait in Eagle Lake in Vicksburg
Missouri – Swimming' in Moonshine Open Water Swim in Table Rock Dam in Branson
Montana – Whitefish Lake Open Water Swim near Glacier National Park
Nebraska – Cornhusker State Games in Holmes Park in Lincoln
Nevada – Slam the Dam in Las Vegas
New Hampshire – Squam Lake near Lake Winnipesaukee
New Jersey – Pageant Ocean Swim on Absecon Island in Atlantic City
New Mexico – Mescalero Lake
New York – Lake Minnewaska near New Paltz
North Carolina – Triangle Open Water Swim Series in Jordan Lake
Ohio – Ohio Open Water Championships in East Fork Lake in Batavia
Oklahoma – Tallchief Open Water Swim in Sand Springs
Oregon – Cascade Lakes Swim Series in Elk Lake
Pennsylvania – Search for Monongy in the Allegheny River in Pittsburgh
Rhode Island – Second Beach Swim in Sachuest Beach in Middletown
South Carolina – Death Valley Open Water in Hartwell Lake in Clemson
South Dakota – Sylvan Lake in the Black Hills
Tennessee – Swim the Suck in Tennessee River Gorge in Chattanooga
Texas – Highland Lakes Challenge in Austin
Utah – Deer Creek Open Water Marathon Swim near Heber City
Vermont – Kingdom Swim in Lake Memphremagog in Newport
Virginia - Jim McDonnell Lake Swims in Lake Audubon in Reston
Washington – Fat Salmon Swim in Lake Washington in Seattle
West Virginia – Summit Lake near Richwood
Wisconsin – Manitou Monster Lake Swim in New Auburn
Wyoming – Jenny Lake in Gran Teton National Park

Monday, July 26, 2010

A bad day to be tired

After a weekend of birthday parties, work, lots of driving and head lice, I was tired today. It was a bad day to be tired.

*warmup: 400 free, 300 back to breast, 100 dolphin kick

*2 x 200's free on the 2:40; 2 x 100's IM on the 1:35
*2 x 200's free on the 2:50; 3 x 100's IM on the 1:45
*2 x 200's free on the 3:00; 4 x 100's IM on the 1:55

*100 free; 50 stroke
repeat 2x

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Random question here, since the JITC deal today is a mani/pedi. Why do my pedicure paintings last for a month of swimming but any polish put on my fingernails is gone after a single swim? Really, I don't get it. I love having nice nails and wish I could get more manicures, but there just doesn't seem to be a solution with swimming. Life is hard, man.

*warmup: 100 free, 25 kick, 25 stroke
repeat 5x

*6 x 100's on the 1:25 for L2

add fins for:

*6 x 100's on the 1:25

*3 x 200's on the 2:50 descending
repeat 2x

remove fins for:

*200 IM

Monday, July 19, 2010

GO People

This weekend some of our dearest friends made it possible for us to stay in SF for the weekend, right off Union Square. A while back, we figured we'd capitalize on this opportunity, and plan a (drinking) scavenger hunt/mission game for a group of friends. I shamefully bought a photographer deal on Groupon (ACK!) and got Joey to come take photos of the whole gang in Clarion Alley before we kicked off the game. Even with no beverages in their system, people got a little nutty posing with their loved ones in front of graffiti. Alleys with murals will do that to you.

We then headed to the awesomely friendly Luna Park to take over a long wooden table for 20 for drinks. I believe there were shots had, though I mercifully escaped those. We then split into 3 teams and were sent across the Mission district to find stuff, answer funny trivia about Noah, and perform....missions. There were actors and video taping involved. And now, with beverages in systems, things got just plain kookoo (exactly as I had hoped). Videos recorded included the following things: (1) my brother, shirtless but wearing my friend's bra, pretending to roller blade down the street; (2) myself and a friend re-enacting the video game Frogger by hopping like toads across Valencia and dodging cars; (3) a re-enactment in broad daylight of Justin Timberlake's "D--- in a box" video, and finally (4) flagging down a police squad car and convincing the officer to pretend to arrest one of us and force us into the back seat. Those are just a few highlights. There were more.

We got all of this done before 6pm, and I can't really talk about what happened during the next 5 hours when we all met up at the Pheonix. Let's just say it's a miracle that I made it to swim practice this morning. Let me also say here that N and I have the BEST of friends. The whole experience was heightened by the fact that quite a few of the most dear people to us flew out for just one night of debauchery, and quite a few others drove quite a ways, arranged for drivers, or spent money to spend the night in SF. AND, everyone got super into the spirit of the night. It was just perfect, and we love them all!

And here was the miracle set:

*warmup: 100 free, 50 back, 50 kick some number of times, not sure, I was late

add pull gear for:

*5 x 50's slow to warm up
*100, 200, 300, 200, 100

remove pull gear for:

*100, 200, 300, 200, 100
*5 x 50's backstroke alternate hard/easy

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Long and Simple

Today was long, repetitive, and a mix between pushing ourselves and letting ourselves float within the rhythm. In direct opposition to one of my very least favorite workouts on Monday (the horrendous breaststroke marathon), this was one of my favorites. Yippie!

warmup: 500 done as 50 free, 25 drill, 25 kick
4 x 200's descending
repeat 4 times (that's right, 16 x 200's. phew!)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Alcatraz Wishes

The Alcatraz Challenge is this Sunday morning and I wish I was doing it! The swim from the island plus the run across the Golden Gate is just, well, the most picturesque course. But alas, my newly 40 YO husband has asked that I not do the race Sunday morning so that I can properly party on Saturday night. We are having a scavenger hunt in his honor across the Mission neighborhood in the city. It should be...interesting!

warmup: 200 free, 2 x 50's drill to stroke
repeat 3x

add pull gear for:

take off pull gear (thank goodness) for:
250 IM done as 25 fly, 50 back, 75 breast, 100 free

Thursday, July 8, 2010

I've been bad and this is funny

I've been bad - at writing here, not at swimming - and the days keep passing me by. Summer is said to be a relaxing time, and yet I've never been more all-consumed with...everything. And yet, tonight I got caught up reading a hilarious site I have to share with you. Whenever you need a laugh (and a good laugh can cure anything), go read this guy. He's a genius.

Oh, and I'm picking today to come back to blogging because the workout was so damn simple. Ready?

2 x 1650's. Yes.
5 x 50's, anything but freestyle.

Saturday, June 26, 2010


My BFF Debbie, whom I've known since I was 12, won Wipeout and it was on this past Thursday night! If you didn't see it, you can watch it on Hulu here...and you'll want to see it, because it is hilarious and inspiring. Debbie is a triathlete, marathoner, and great swimmer (she comes and swims with us at MM frequently when she visits me). She kicked some major booty on this show, and it wasn't easy. Knowing her, and how amazingly in shape she is, it was interesting to sit next to her on Thursday night and watch and have her tell me that in all the races she's done, she's never felt as tired as she did on the "luggage toss" obstacle. :)

I am in awe of my friend. She is truly mentally and physically STRONG, and I love her!

Today's workout:

warmup: 300 free, 2x100 IM, 2x75 strong free, 2x50 kick

*25 kick, 50 drill, 75 free, 200 strong free broken at the 50 by 5
*25 kick, 50 drill, 75 free, 100 strong free broken at the 25 by 5
repeat 3x

*100 slow stroke, 200 strong, 100 slow stroke

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Monday, May 24, 2010

I'm on Oprah this afternoon

Okay I'm not. But Cafe Borrone is, and I happened to work with the Oprah producers to get the photos of the sausage sandwich over to the show, so in some way I'm on Oprah. Close as I'll ever get. Meanwhile, I'm so excited about Borrone being mentioned and highlighted as James Franco's favorite place to eat and gather with his family (check the pic Oprah is showing of him with his family on OUR very own MP FOUNTAIN!). Very exciting!!!! Check out the preview here and look for James 3/4 of the way through.

Go in to Borrone this week because Marina is going to run a special sausage sandwich deal all week in honor of James' favorite dish.

Good thing I pre-swam off the sausage this morning:

*warmup: 400 straight, then 400 done as 4x100's of one arm, other arm, kick, swim
*5 x 300's with varying turn options including Uturn, double streamline, fly stroke, limited breathing
*5 x 150's with varying turn options same as above!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

I need a good soak

After today's long free, I could really use this. If you haven't yet tried sitting in a hot tub for an hour before having a massage at Watercourse Way, you should Ahhhh.

Today's workout:

*200 free, 300 free to stroke, 400 free strong
*500 straight done as 100 fast, 25 easy
*500 done as 4x125's with first and third fast, 20 sec rest in between
*500 straight done as 50 fast, 50 easy
*500 done as 5x100's second and fourth fast, 20 sec rest in between
*500 straight and steady

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Swimming and Soccer

You know I'm a soccer fan. I'm psyched to offer this Earthquakes deal today...full on rally tunnel, T-shirt, food included, center seat extravaganza. Looking forward to the game!

And today...long free. Ahhhhh.

*warmup: 400 free, 100 kick, 100 stroke, 100 fast

add paddles for:
*1,000 straight, build by 250
*1,000 broken done as 500 and 5x100's
*4 x 25's sprint, 100 easy
*4 x 25's sprint, 150 easy
*4 x 25's srping, 200 easy

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day Swim

This is a photo from last night, at a "shipwrecked" party we went to. I got to stay for an hour before I had to run home and do more testing for launch, but at least I got to dress up in island wear and there was no hangover this morning.

Speaking of this morning, and the whole darn day, it could not have been better.

I woke up after having slept in extremely late (6:30am), and my boys ran in to snuggle. The boys had written out cards to me; cards like I've never received from them before. They were not homemade, and I am glad. Why? Because they didn't spend time drawing flowers. Instead they spent time filling the space on the bought card with words. They told me I was the best because I snuggle, play soccer, read and skateboard. Also they were proud of my Sequence skills. These cards took a long while to write out, I know, and my day was pretty much made after I read them.

As if that wasn't enough, N wrote me a card praising me for all I always hope to be praised for, and then immediately intuited that I wanted a coffee and the boys wanted hot chocolate, so off he ran to get it. We drank it three across in bed. And then I got to work.

My new venture is launching, well, right this hour actually, and I'm pretty excited about it, so I didn't mind the work. Plus, a few hours later I got to take a break and have a swim. (500 free, 5x100's fly, 600 free double build, 2 x 100's fast, 500 free double build, 2 x 100's fast, 400 free double build, 100 free easy).

The rest of the day was rounded out by my whole family coming over for frosted cookies (so I got to see my mom as well), a dear friend dropping off flowers, and Juice in the City being up and running after countless hours of hard work done by many more than me. Thank you team. Happy Mother's Day!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday Strength

Today was a really, really good workout. And I needed it, because I've been sitting and sitting and sitting lately. Why? Launch of Juice in the City is almost here (Monday!), and I've been deep in testing mode. My eyeballs are about to pop, but I think we're going to make it. AND, I've managed to include Menlo Masters in a mention within the very first feature (for Botox, a facial or laser hair removal). It's up to you to guess where you're involved. Please stay tuned for Monday - we are going to have some really fun things hip hop classes with a former Justin Timberlake dancer, massages, dinners out, wine tasting, outdoor adventure, you name it!

Today's workout:

*warmup: 100 free, 25 kick, 25 stroke
Repeat 5x

*6 x 100's descend and then hold

*5 sets of 5 minute strength sets that included crunches, deck outs and swimming oh my!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Brown Shark

Monday someone dropped anchor in the pool (hopefully not a Masters swimmer), and so Tuesday morning we all arrived to a pool that was "not quite at the right chemical levels to make the water safe". Soooo, instead I busted out a warm-swim in the lap pool, and thank goodness the tent was down! It was a rare treat to quickly swim through 5 x 500's in 85 degree water, but I wouldn't have wanted to be "bubbled in".

And today? No sharks in sight! Just a great workout:

*warmup: 400 free, 200 free to stroke, 100 kick

add pull gear for:
*4x100's free on shortest interval, 200 relaxed
*3x100's free on shortest interval, 200 relaxed
*2x100's free on shortest interval, 200 relaxed

*100 fast, 400 relaxed
*100 fast, 300 relaxed
*100 fast, 200 relaxed

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

No Skate Day

Although my new skateboard is supposed to come today, we will be waiting until at least Thursday for me to attempt some tricks, due to the rain. Sigh.

*warmup by lengths: 8, 7, 6, 5, 4 odd ones with 2 lengths stroke included

add pull gear for:

*600: 100 regular, 25 breath control every 6 strokes, 25 sprint
*500: 75 regular, 25 breath control every 5 strokes, 25 sprint
*400: 50 regular, 25 breath control every 4 strokes, 25 sprint

remove pull gear for:

2 x 450 done in repeating pattern:
1. build by 25 starting at 25 up to 100 free regular, then 25 sprint, 25 recovery back
2. reduce by 25 starting at 100 down to 25 free regular, then 25 sprint, 25 recovery breast

Monday, April 19, 2010


Things are fun and sunny and busier than I could have ever imagined. The kids and I have taken up skateboarding (my new board should arrive tomorrow just in time for more rain, booooo!), we have soccer and baseball (at least 4 games per weekend), allergy shots 2x a week, my company's launch quickly approaching (day after Mother's Day), my son's birthday, Mother's Day, school winding down (lots of "parent participation" activities going on there...not so pleased about watching the wedding of "Q" and "U" at my son's Kindergarten class this week, wtf???), and of course the upcoming family wedding that all 4 of us are in and requires two trips back east in the next 8 weeks. Phew!!!!!!!!!!! Swimming's a breeze, I tell ya.

*warmup: 300 free, 3x100's stroke to free, 3x50's kick
add fins for:
*4 x 400's every other length drill
remove fins for:
*100 drill, 75 kick, 50 regular swim, 25 sprint
repeat 2x
*6 x 50's descend 1-4, warm down 5,6

Friday, April 9, 2010

Last night and this morning

Last night, my son Wilson said "That was one of the best days of my life today." I have to say, it was one of my best days too. And it was just so...simple.

It was just a pleasure to watch my two sons and their close buddy skating all afternoon; to watch them help each other, not fight ONCE, and work hard at what they were loving doing, as well as collaborate on what they should try next.

We were at the school with a perfect downslope, no cars, no one else around, just hours of them doing tricks and showing off for me and laughing. And sunshine. And I could just be quiet and watch. By the end of it I decided I'm getting a skateboard for myself. And I found the perfect one. Check THIS out.

workout this morning: many many 200's free and 100's and 50's stroke :)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


If you didn't watch the NCAA men's basketball final last night, you missed the equivalent of a riveting movie. Best basketball game I've ever seen, I think. Buzzer shot, one point game, all that. Tonight, don't miss Stanford women playing in the final!

In other news, Easter was Sunday. Surprise. Here's a picture of my little bunnies. Cute, ain't they? I didn't get squat from the big Easter Bunny and I'm not pleased.

*warmup: 200 free, 50 kick, 2x100's free, 50 kick, 4x50's free, 50 kick

*4 x 100's free done as: 75 moderate, break for 5 sec then 25 sprint; 50 moderate, break for 5 sec then 50 sprint, and so on until last one is all fast
Repeat 2x then do 100 easy

*4 x 100's fast broken at the 50

*50's sprints going as low as you can go on interval. Start at 60sec, down to 30 sec, then start over

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Off to the Snow!

I'm off to Tahoe today and will be missing some swimming but gaining some skating. Today's workout was a GREAT send-off, thanks Tim!

*warmup: 10 x 75's, odd all free, even with middle length stroke

*4 x 500's (yoiks!)
first two "naked" descending 1-2; second two with pull gear descending 1-2

*5 x 100's done as 25's with 10 sec rest. First one all kick, add a length of sprint free at the start for each 100 so last one is full sprint 100

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Just the workout ma'am

*warmup: 150 free, 25 back
repeat 4x

*10 x 50's with pull gear:
2 x one arm, 2 x catchup, 2 x 3count, 2 x regular, 2 x fast

*50 five kick switch, 50 regular swim
repeat 6x, odd freestyle, even backstroke

*4x50's on tightest interval possible
*4x50's drill
*4x50's as fast as possible with 45 sec rest
do as freestyle, then repeat with 3x for backstroke

Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring Break

Spring Break is here and it's time for all the working parents of school-aged kids to scramble to find coverage. Exciting! I am getting to take off for 3 days this week to hit Tahoe (first time ever for my kids actually), and that should be fun (except the missing swimming part). Speaking of missing swimming, I slept through Friday's practice and couldn't bring myself to endure a three hour intrasquad meet on Saturday, so today felt GOOD after three days off.

warmup: 400 free, 100 kick, 100 IM, 100 fast

*500 kick (YUUUUUUUUUGH!)

Add pull gear for:

*600, 300, 150

Remove pull gear for:

*11 x 100's on the 1:25 but see how many you can make on the 1:20 (all of them in our lane, whoohooo!)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

"Good Comments"

Just a weekly comment from my kid here. I am starting a new category, and trying to keep it up. I'm going to attempt to add something funny my kids say at least once a week. They say good stuff, and for me, really, these quips are the best part of life. They are unexpected little gems that make me laugh from deep down in my gut. And nothing, nothing, feels better than a genuine belly laugh.

5YO Ben on St. Patrick's Day, on the pot (been meaning to post this): "Mom! I'm DONE! Wipe me, I'm Irish!"

today's workout:

*warmup: 4 x 250's free, slight descend

*3 x 400's at threshold, on the 6minutes (about a 45s - minute rest)

*800 pull done as 200 strong, 100 easy, 150 strong, 100 easy, 100 strong, 100 easy, 50 strong

*4 x 100's at faster than threshold pace, on the 1:30

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fun Dip

You know how it is, when you're swimming, and all of a sudden a gulp of air or water delivers you a powerful memory from your youth? For me, it's usually in the form of a taste. A certain bizarre mix of chlorine or predawn morning air, and a slight residual of last night's dinner, or this morning's bubble gum - or whatever - often combine to slam me back in time. I don't know how it happens, but I love it. This morning after a particular flip turn, I was suddenly back sitting by the pool, waiting for my 9-10 yr old age-group race, eating Fun Dip. Go figure.

The magic workout:

*warmup: 400 free, 200 stroke, 100 kick
*2 x 550's with a crazy easy/hard pattern
*5 x 50's fast kick on the 1:30
*2 x 200's fast on the 5 minutes
*2 x 100's fast on the 2:30

Monday, March 22, 2010

Early Easter

Yesterday was a good day. Had a great soccer game (and even scored a goal - DAMN that feels good!), watched my kid play a game, then had an early Easter celebration with my mom and my adorable nieces (and their parents). As you can see, we got some time in the "mini pool" and also hiking on the gorgeously green hills in the East Bay.

Lovely day. But my legs are sore. And darn this morning's fin workout.

*warmup: 300 free, 100 back, 200 free, 100 back

with fins:
*2 x 300's; 2 x 225's; 2 x 125's; 2 x 75's
split each swim evenly as 7 kick switch, 5 kick switch, 3 kick switch
first one of each length freestyle, second back

with pull gear:
*fast 100, 25 easy, fast 75, 25 easy, fast 50, 25 easy, fast 25, 25 easy
*repeat 2x, first with free, second with back

with no gear:
*4 x 25's fast free
*50 easy
*4 x 25's fast back
*50 easy

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Opening Day, and a great workout

Saturday was opening day for all the kids' baseball teams. Here are just a few pics to show how excited the kids were. I'm excited too. While baseball might be my least favorite sport, spectating while watching baseball on warm spring evenings with a beer in hand is not bad.

And the morning workout was GOOD:

*warmup: 200 kick, 400 pull, 800 swim

*1650 broken in this way:
rest 5 seconds after each

*3 x 100's done as free, back kick, breast (I think - that part I'm a little fuzzy on)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Wrap Up

It's been too long since I posted, but it's never a bad time to post the fun Oscar pics from a week or so ago. For years (here's the 2007 post from way back when!), my BFFs and I have been dressing up and getting silly, and it just doesn't get old. Wish I could say more and postulate about the years upcoming, but I'm just too darn busy to write much right now (boo). However, good things are coming from JuiceBoxJungle, and they are local fun things, so stay tuned.

Today's workout:

*warmup: 300 free, 100 kick, 300 free to stroke
*6 x 150's pulling
*6 x 50's kick (no fins)
*4 x 300's free at threshold
*feel like i'm forgetting something but...

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Local Soccer Love

So, this high schooler lives down the street from me and has been tearing up the soccer field for years. Today, she's on the US Soccer home page (she's the one with the Haitian player resting on her chest), and is part of an amazing story about the US U-17 women playing against Haiti. It gives me chills, so read it. (And wow. I mean, wow. To be that talented at soccer, and have that experience? I am in awe.)

Back to swimming, here was the morning's workout:

*warmup: 300 free, 200 kick, 500 pull with gear

more pulling:
*3 x 100's
*2 x 200's
*1 x 400

without the gear:
*10 x 100's hold 1-6, descend 6-10

*5 x 50's: kick down, stroke back

Friday, March 5, 2010

Winter Weight

I've put on some weight this winter, and I'm planning to keep it on until winter subsides. According to Punxsutawney Phil, winter is in effect until at least March 16 (that's right HOG stay in your HOLE!). This gives me two more weekends, including this weekend's Oscar extravaganza, to blissfully continue feeling plump. I have to say, it's helping my swimming. Do NOT underestimate the bag of TJ's sweet potato fries paired with hefeweizen and followed by chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream as an effective carbo load. It kicks in right about 20 minutes into the workout. That stuff wants - begs - to be worked off, and damn if it doesn't help me along.

*warmup: 4 x 200's. 1 all free; 1 175 free, 25 fly; 1 150 free, 50 fly; 1 125 free, 75 fly

add fins for:
*2 x 50's moderate kick
*2 x 50's build flutter
*2 x 50's build dolphin
*2 x 50's build flutter
*2 x 50's build dolphin

remove fins, add pull gear for:
*10 x 100's free on the 1:25

remove all gear for:
*100 fast free followed by easy 50
repeat 4x
*50 fast fly followed by easy 50
repeat 4x

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Variety and Sweetness

You can't, in my book, get sweeter than this: my younger son spontaneously made this card for my older son yesterday morning before school. It's a good thing I took a picture of it too, because last night he twisted it up into a "pole" and "fished" with it in his brother's glass of milk. Why? "Just cause, Mom. Duh." Okay. Well, love is shown in a variety of ways.

Speaking of variety, Tim wasn't kidding about putting it in the workouts this week. Today's workout really ran the gamut of tasks, and right during a deluge of rain. It was good.

*warmup: missed the instructions, followed along

*50 kick easy, 25 backstroke kick strong
repeat 6x

add pull gear for:
*800 broken at the 200 for 10 seconds
first two swims even, rest descending

remove pull gear for:
*2 x 200's backstroke, first broken at 50, second broken at 25
first two swims even, rest descending

*800 free, broken at the 100 for 10 seconds
first two swims even, rest descending

*2 x 50's DPS, free then back

Monday, March 1, 2010

My "card"

March is here.

And I am sad to see February's long sets go. Just yesterday we did 6 x 600's and still had 10 minutes left in the hour. Now that's my kind of workout today though? Well, back to variety.

*warmup: 250 free, 2 x 50's kick, 250 free, 2 x 50's breast

*125, 100, 75 done with first length kick, last length breast
repeat 3x

add pull gear for:

*150 DPS, 100 hard, 50 backstroke
repeat 3x

remove pull gear for:

*100, 75, 50, 25
*75, 50, 25
*50, 25
repeat 2x, first time with breast, second time with free

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Bad mom or Good swimmer?

W started throwing up yesterday JUST as we sat down in the miniscule allergist's office to get one of his twice weekly shots. Red, fruit rollup, all over me, you get the picture. Needless to say we skipped the shots and beelined out of there after I successfully wiped up a good sized pool of vomit with a few paper towels. The power of momness. Wow.

By his second round of hurling at 7pm, it was clear he was not deathly ill, and thus began the needling itch in my brain that goes "Hmmm, I think I can still swim tomorrow, right?" Bad mom.

I did sleep on his floor last night and was able to leap up and catch the third round of vomit before it hit the floor. I also took his temperature (normal) and continued to sleep on the perilous floor all night with no interruption. Good mom.

And yes, I got up at 5, felt his forehead (normal), and made a break for the pool. And did a 700 warmup, and then 6 x 500's. Good swimmer.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Same time, same place, same people, next year

Every year around Valentine's Day the gang of kids my oldest son went to preschool with gets together, takes their shirts off, frosts pink cookies, and tatts up for a posed photo. This is the fourth year we've done it (shown here are '09 first then '10, taken yesterday) and it is such a great way to see the boys' progress from toddlers, to boys, and someday G-d willing, to men. We moms plan to do this until they refuse to let us do it any longer (maybe 5th grade??? 7th??), and then pick it back up when they'll let us again (high school? college??), and then show these photos at ALL of their weddings :). The progression of pictures hangs on our walls and makes us smile as we walk by them; in all the photos our boys are happy, rambunctious, keyed up on sugar, and re-bonded to lifelong friends. And as their moms, we all love this get-together. We are no longer all at the same school, though we've remained close, and I treasure the bond we have from way back when. I hope we always have this group, that it never extends to others (there is something very special and comforting to me about keeping some things in life exclusive, repetitive, and limited to those who experienced a certain point in their lives together. Call me a bitch for not wanting to play the "more the merrier" card, but that's the deal). There is plenty of other time for bigger gatherings. I'll keep this special little love-fest for ourselves as long as I possibly can.

One negative effect of these get-togethers: I adore frosted cookies and wine is always served. And thus, today's workout was not the easiest for me to complete.

*warmup: 2 x 250's free, 2 x 125's breast (odd) to free (even)

*200 free, 200 free with breast pulldowns, 3 x 50's free fast, 3 x 50's breast to free descending, 6 x 25's easy to fast
Repeat this THREE times

*100, 50, 25 free
*100, 50, 25 breast

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Summer Day

I woke up at 3am this morning still sweating from my hip hop dance class late last night. I knew I'd be in trouble if I went back to sleep, but I did it anyway (after having to change into a completely new pair of non-sweaty jammies) and of course I slept right through my alarm at 5. Nothing can take away the frustration of waking up once it's already light out and realizing the swim has passed me by...except my kids jumping into the bed and squealing with joy upon finding me home instead of at the pool. The 30 minute snuggle session that follows pretty much makes it ALL (missing practice, life, death, misery, whathaveyou) worth it.

But I still can't miss my swim.

So, I snuck in a 45 minute 2800 yards at 11am today and let-me-tell-you it is summer out there. The sun was bright enough to warm my back and burn my eyes and the deck didn't freeze my heels like it does in the morning. In addition, I had two coffee meetings this morning so I was properly pumped up on caffeine and ready to churn (I simply repeated the workout from Tuesday without pull gear). I was also able to do a little mid-day mascara experiment. No, it didn't smudge. Wowza.

Bless this weather, and mid-day swims. Amen.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


This photo is unrelated to eating, but as long as I'm here, I thought I'd profess my love for floor heating vents on cold rainy mornings after swim practice. So there. In other news, I'm determined, I really am, to make more things for my kids to eat than the following staples at our house:

1. Hot Dogs
2. Spaghetti and Meatballs
3. Pizza

So, I'm starting tonight by actually making something more advanced, but really really easy. I'm not sure what it will be yet, but I promise to post it tomorrow, come what may. I can feel your anticipation.

This morning...

*warmup: 2 x 200's, 2 x 150's, 2 x 100's free

add pull gear for (second half of all these 400's is hard, first is moderate):
*400 free broken at the 350 for 5 seconds, 100 DPS
*400 free broken at the 300 for 5 seconds, 100 DPS
*400 free broken at the 250 for 5 seconds, 100 DPS
*400 free broken at the 200 for 5 seconds, 100 DPS

remove pull gear for (same system as above):
*200 free broken at the 150 for 5 seconds, 50 easy
*200 free broken at the 100 for 5 seconds, 50 easy
*200 free broken at the 50 for 5 seconds, 50 easy
*200 free, 50 easy

Monday, February 22, 2010

My First Mommy Conference

The jury is still out on my first mom-blogger conference, which I attended this past week and VERY MUCH MISSED MY SWIMS! I had a great time with my partners there goofing around and it was good to meet some of the 450+ bloggers in our network (our "customers") but the whole thing was suspiciously akin to a sorority function (not in the catty yucky way but in the OMG! You are so awesome! way). Needless to say, I was NOT in a sorority, not that there's anything wrong with them. And all these ladies were perfectly nice. Just, well, lots of estrogen. Anyhoo, it was interesting and I'm looking forward to comparing it to others in the future.

As for being back home: CHLORINE, YAY!

*warmup: 350, 250, 150, 50 free
add fins for:
*300 kick, 250 drill, 200 fast with underwater distance
*250 kick, 200 drill, 150 fast with underwater distance
*200 kick, 150 drill, 100 fast with underwater distance
*150 kick, 100 drill, 50 fast with underwater distance
remove fins for:
*25 fast, 50 easy with one length stroke, 75 moderate
*50 fast, 75 easy with one length stroke, 100 moderate
*75 fast, 100 easy with one length stroke, 125 moderate
*100 fast, 125 easy with one length stroke, 150 moderate

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Big Waves

I just cannot imagine HOW those big wave surfers do it. Look at this wall of water at Mavericks this week. OMG. Keep me between the lanes, please.

* warmup: 300 free, 300 as free, free, back, 300 as free, free, breast

*2 x 200's free followed by 2 x 75's IM
*3 x 150's free followed by 3 x 75's IM
*4 x 100's free followed by 4 x 75's IM
*5 x 50's free followed by 5 x 75's IM

Monday, February 15, 2010

Basketball is good too

This weekend I had a great Valentine's Day trip with my son. The two of us flew up to Portland Saturday morning to see our dear friends, one of which is W's best, oldest friend from birth and one of which is the coach of the Portland Pilots basketball team (and WCC Coach of the Year last year, go E!). Along with a weekend full of fun with friends, W got to be a ball boy for the Pilots on Saturday night. I am not exaggerating when I say that I think it was quite possibly the best night of his life to date. We got him there early and he was given a special t-shirt and instructed as to when to wipe up sweat (what could be better for a 7YO boy?). I watched from the stands as he did his job flawlessly (as far as I could tell) and as the ESPN2 cameras captured him on film. The Pilots played amazingly well and took the game into OT for a win that had us all on our feet screaming. W even got pummeled by my favorite player, TJ Campbell, and is now showing off his bruised shoulder with pride.

I also got to spend Valentine's Day with one of my best friends and my godkids, and have a dinner date alone with W in the airport on the way home. We topped it all off with ice cream cones and a snuggly plane ride home.

And finally...this morning, a nice hard swim. Ahhh.

*warmup: 100, 200, 300, 200, 100 free with first and last 25 breast

*4 x 50's hard free on the minute; 300 moderate free
*3 x 50's hard free on the minute, 1 x 50 hard breast (same interval); 300 moderate free with one 50 breast
*2 x 50's hard free on the minute, 2 x 50's hard breast; 300 moderate free with one 100 breast
*4 x 50's hard breast to free on the minute, 300 moderate breast to free

*200 hard free broken at the 50 for 10 seconds

Friday, February 12, 2010

Locker Room Koi Fish

Ah, I call myself a brave woman for posting this puffy eyed photo of myself, but here it is. SOoooooo fun to have my BFF here to spend the night and swim in the morning, and of course we have matching suits ;-).

As I was jumping into the pool someone on deck asked me "Hey do you require all your friends to have cute suits?"
Answer: "No, it is not required. But it is strongly encouraged."

*warmup: 4 x 150s, 4 x 75s
*4x100, 50, 2 x 25s
*3x100, 50, 2 x 25s
*2x100, 50, 2 x 25s
*1x100, 50, 2 x 25s

so many little teeny tiny swims I can't remember the rest!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Worst swim ever

I've finally had it: my worst swim ever. Here goes:

*Get up after four days of indulgence, dying to swim.
*Get to practice early and jump in to swim a couple laps before Tim gets on deck.
*Get through 25 yards before the power goes out and everyone has to exit the pool.
*Stand around FREEZING for 15 minutes hoping the power will go back on.
*Finally return home.


Thursday, February 4, 2010

More Bay

Ah, this is me standing atop Lombard street with Alcatraz in the background. I've been able to enjoy the city twice this week which is unheard of for little old mom me out in the 'burbs. After the city we hit Sonoma, where my BFF and her hubby Michael gave us a great wine tasting experience at Highway 12 Winery (it rocks). Amid all the fun, it's been my busiest week of work ever and it's about to get worse, so I'll draw on the joy of these photos often :).

*warmup: 3 x 200's free
*700, 600, 500, 400, 300, 200, 100
*25, 50, 75, 100

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Golden Gate Random Musings

This weekend I was in SF Saturday morning and couldn't get to the pool. Instead, I ran across the bridge and gazed at a gorgeous flat Alcatraz route below me. I'm not suicidal, but I admit to having the urge to fling myself over the golden rail and into the current below. To SWIM. Not to die. But speaking of dying, there's nothing like seeing those phones posted along the bridge that say "There is hope. Make the call" to remind you amid a glorious jaunt between sparkling city and rolling headlands that life can really suckit. Maybe that's why we all swim. Life can suckit. But not when you're swimming.

*warmup: 2 x 500's done as 5/1, 4/1, 3/1, 2/1, 1/1 with 1's being backstroke
*3 x 400's done with backstroke every 8, then 4, then 2
*4 x 300's sliding 75 of backstroke
*5 x 25's with 2 done as backstroke

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hip Hop Hippity Hop

My 5YO has been taking hip hop from a guy I could tell from day one was a rarity in Menlo Park. After a friend and I attempted to sit through many of Lee's classes for our kids (we were actually bouncing in our seats due to the stellar music), we decided to beg Lee to teach a class for US and our girls (yo).

"Think you can get 10 ladies out here?" he asked.

"Oh. Yah. For sure," my friend and I said. Fer shizit we did! Last night, after many of us nearly fell asleep reading bedtime stories to our little ones, 14 MP Ladies worked it to a fun routine and very loud music (we can still take it!). When it was over, we were left drenched with sweat at 9:30 at night, later than many of us had been up in a while.

It was heaven for me. Long ago I gave up all but the occasional once a year clubbing in the city, and my dance-twitch muscles have been atrophying ever since. The funk has slowly been dying (though I do still crank Rihanna and Eminiem in my minivan), and the camaraderie of dance studios and group routines to music that makes you feel personally and communally ALIVE has been completely lost in my life for 20 years. Dancing in (near) sync with others for me is much like swimming with the team - we all feed off each other, draft and cheat and peek and pull others along with a smile or a strong kick. We work hard together, and fall into a space of pain and pleasure we have happily chosen.

Why I chose more pain this morning I'm not sure, but here was the workout :)

*warmup: 15 minute straight swim free
*5 x 50's stroke or drill free
*15 minute straight swim mod to mod/hard
*10 x 50's stroke or drill free
*10 minute straight swim hard to warm down

Monday, January 25, 2010


Took a kickboxing class at my husband's gym yesterday (this gym rocks by the way - they were doing an open house and even doing FREE eyebrow waxing in the lobby to show off their skin services - score!) and I. AM. SORE. which made today's workout extra fun:

*warmup: 2 x 300's

*3x100's free, 4 x 25's weak stroke
*3x150's free, 4 x 50's weak stroke
*3x200's free, 4 x 75's weak stroke

*50 weak stroke, 200 free
*50 weak stroke, 150 free
*50 weak stroke, 100 free

Saturday, January 23, 2010

4500 Straight

For Postal. Enough said.

Friday, January 22, 2010


I had a lot of them last night so, well, today was tough, especially when doing flat topped pyramids with fins. Those pyramids...they sound like a little and feel like a lot.

*warmup: 800 straight

add fins for:

*25 underwater kick, 50 fast, 75 one arm, repeat on reverse

*25 underwater kick, 50 fast, 75 one arm, 100 kick, repeat on reverse

*25 underwater kick, 50 fast, 75 one arm, repeat on reverse

Okay, there was much more, but seriously? I can't remember it all. I like those long sets like yesterday:


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

55% off FUN Family Photography and Photo CD

Need some awesome family photos taken by a swimmer? You're in luck. This is our second and final Bay Area deal running today, 1/20. Today only, click here to get this deal: pay $175 and get the deal certificate for a $400 photo shoot (and you get to keep all the photos on CD!!) with this uber hip photographer who also happens to be my BFF and a frequent visitor to our workouts. She rocks and so does this deal!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Guys - there are only a few more hours to get this deal. Click here for 50% off dinner there. It can only be bought today but can be used any day. p.s. buying the deal helps me out too as the deal is through my company. This should help us all feel a little better about practice being cancelled this morning due to lightning.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Wet Angels

Okay, it's a stretch. But you have to love our chutzpah for posing in our suits Charlie's Angels style while Tim guffawed at us and the rest of the team stared awestruck (not as in "OMG they're HOT!" but as in "What in the good G-d damn are they doing?"). Note the sleek goggles in lieu of sunglasses, please.

Speaking of being wet, today we are. And this morning was a great long wet freestyle swim whoohooo!

*warmup: 1000 straight
*800, 600, 400, 200, 100
various warmdown issues :)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sports and Dictatorships

Last night my 7YO son was lying in bed with me, reading his (adult) Sports Illustrated, and he put the magazine down for a moment to have this conversation with me:

W: Mom, my teacher says in some countries you can be arrested for saying the name of the president, like Barack Obama, instead of President Obama. That seems wrong.
Me: Hmmm, well in some countries you can't say whatever you want or disagree with the government.
W: What about sports? Could I read a Sports Illustrated in another country and disagree with the rules in a sport?
Me: Yah well, I'm not sure about that.
W: Because I do NOT agree with the forward progress rule in college football.

Just a little snippet from my 7YO going on 50. He also asked us the other night if we could start playing Farkle "as a drinking game". Hm.

Anyway, workout today:

*warmup: 6 x 100's first and last 2 free, middle 2 back/breast

add paddles for:

*500, 400, 300, 3x100's, 200, 2x100's (I messed this one up while leading :).

remove paddles for:

Stay tuned for the excellent Charlie's Angels shots we took this morning with Tim poolside.

Friday, January 15, 2010

I *heart* this shirt!

I told you all you HAD to listen to this song (Swim) a while back and if you still haven't, you must! I finally got this T-shirt from the band after having Noah badger the Jack's Mannequin singer's sister for a month. All worth the annoyance we caused her! I'm going to the concert up in Seattle in a few weeks, and I'll be wearing my SWIM tee!

As for actually swimming, this morning's workout was just too varied and hard to remember to write down. Looks like tomorrow is some long free though, whoohoo!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Right as Ramps

It's just this simple, people. Kids, mud, and tilted surfaces make for infinitely more fun than any high priced video game or toy. This is a new bike ramp our buddy got for Christmas. Never a bike has it seen. But boy does it provide hours of good dirty fun (and quite a few quality injuries) for little boys. This is MY kind of toy!

Speaking of toys, I dislike them in general. I remember about 3 things from my childhood as being fun to play with (LEGOs, marble runs and that god-awful makeup doll head one could give a makeover to), and the rest of the time we spent playing soccer, ding dong ditch (okay I know that's not right), fort-building and doctor (again, not exactly "right").

I also dislike swim toys. Fins, in general. I cannot figure out why, as a soccer player, I cannot KICK in the water. Why, I ask you, is Lanshin lapping me before we're at the 400 mark? This is also, not right.

But the ramp...that's RIGHT. Full circle post, see?

*warmup: 600 free

add fins for:

*3 x 800's, first one with 5 underwater dolphin kicks after every wall, second one build by 200, third one 100's on/off fast/slow

*6 x 100's descending

*200 sans fins warmdown

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dare I say it...

Is anyone into biking and needing to switch up the swimming? Not me of course - I don't bike and I never need a pool-break. But if I did bike, I'd do this very cool biking getaway that my friend is putting on. Chris is just a fun guy anyone would be stoked to spend 75 miles of butt-numbing biking with and he puts on a fun post-workout party. Seriously, there's nothing better than the combo of grueling exercise followed by food and beverage consumption and a night away. Check it out!

As for me, I was able to stay well (screw you strep throat!) after yesterday's fun 500's and will be back at the pool tomorrow for more. Also, beware of some insane looking chicks gathered around Tim Charlie's Angels style on Saturday after the 6am practice. That's all I'm sayin.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ah, back to the pool

It is so pathetic how bad I feel when I am out of the pool. When I missed the 100x100's last week I nearly cried. It was as if the sky got darker the moment I realized I wouldn't be able to do it. I literally had to remind myself that around the nation people were dying, right, that, minute, and all I was doing was missing some swims and feeling fairly ill. That made me feel better. Sick, right? I mean really.

As if getting back to the pool today wasn't enough, I also got to hear Rebecca's daughter (a real, hip, college kid!) say she reads this blog and thinks it's funny. I love when people admit they read the blog. Love it.

*warmup: 400 easy, 4 x 100's moderate
*3 x 400's free
*4 x 300's free
*2 x 50's free, hard
*2 x 25's free, hard

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Killer Quad Eludes Me Again

I am SO bummed to be starting the new year by NOT being able to do the 100x100's. This was going to be the year, and I have the suit to prove it :). But, New Year's Day my chest cold annoyance turned into an all around flu, and though I went to sleep last night with my alarm set for 5 AM to see if I could swing it, the fever and chills I had in the middle of the night told me I wouldn't be able to.

I know most people think we're crazy, but I was loving the long swims this year, and I really wish there was a make up day next week! :(