Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Variety and Sweetness

You can't, in my book, get sweeter than this: my younger son spontaneously made this card for my older son yesterday morning before school. It's a good thing I took a picture of it too, because last night he twisted it up into a "pole" and "fished" with it in his brother's glass of milk. Why? "Just cause, Mom. Duh." Okay. Well, love is shown in a variety of ways.

Speaking of variety, Tim wasn't kidding about putting it in the workouts this week. Today's workout really ran the gamut of tasks, and right during a deluge of rain. It was good.

*warmup: missed the instructions, followed along

*50 kick easy, 25 backstroke kick strong
repeat 6x

add pull gear for:
*800 broken at the 200 for 10 seconds
first two swims even, rest descending

remove pull gear for:
*2 x 200's backstroke, first broken at 50, second broken at 25
first two swims even, rest descending

*800 free, broken at the 100 for 10 seconds
first two swims even, rest descending

*2 x 50's DPS, free then back

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