Thursday, March 11, 2010

Local Soccer Love

So, this high schooler lives down the street from me and has been tearing up the soccer field for years. Today, she's on the US Soccer home page (she's the one with the Haitian player resting on her chest), and is part of an amazing story about the US U-17 women playing against Haiti. It gives me chills, so read it. (And wow. I mean, wow. To be that talented at soccer, and have that experience? I am in awe.)

Back to swimming, here was the morning's workout:

*warmup: 300 free, 200 kick, 500 pull with gear

more pulling:
*3 x 100's
*2 x 200's
*1 x 400

without the gear:
*10 x 100's hold 1-6, descend 6-10

*5 x 50's: kick down, stroke back


Anne Marie said...

That is SO freaking cool! What a great athlete and role model for all young girls (and moms!) out there.
Thanks for sharing!

HammerHead said...

Given all the examples of athlete bad behavior we hear about, it is nice to be reminded that many teams build character.

It is not surprising that Haiti's keeper was carrying the weight of it all. “She’s a ‘keeper and we have that bond" - great comment and leadership from the US keeper.