Monday, March 22, 2010

Early Easter

Yesterday was a good day. Had a great soccer game (and even scored a goal - DAMN that feels good!), watched my kid play a game, then had an early Easter celebration with my mom and my adorable nieces (and their parents). As you can see, we got some time in the "mini pool" and also hiking on the gorgeously green hills in the East Bay.

Lovely day. But my legs are sore. And darn this morning's fin workout.

*warmup: 300 free, 100 back, 200 free, 100 back

with fins:
*2 x 300's; 2 x 225's; 2 x 125's; 2 x 75's
split each swim evenly as 7 kick switch, 5 kick switch, 3 kick switch
first one of each length freestyle, second back

with pull gear:
*fast 100, 25 easy, fast 75, 25 easy, fast 50, 25 easy, fast 25, 25 easy
*repeat 2x, first with free, second with back

with no gear:
*4 x 25's fast free
*50 easy
*4 x 25's fast back
*50 easy

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