Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Traveling to a Tri I'm not doing

So, we're off to Sun River Oregon this weekend which should be gorgeous, and the Pacific Crest Tri happens to be happening there this weekend. Of course, I learned about it way too late to train for it, so instead I'll be running the 5K and salivating over the river swim. But, my six-year-old will be running his first race as well, and that promises to be a photo finish. Can't wait.

Today's workout:

*warm up: 250 free, 2 x 50's breaststroke kick
repeat twice

*2 x 25's high elbow, 1 x 200 free moderate
*2 x 25's high elbow, 2 x 200 free harder
*2 x 25's high elbow, 3 x 200 free fast

*2 x 50's; 25, 50, 75; 2 x 50's breaststroke kick

*4 x 25's fast free, one 50 breaststroke kick recovery
repeat 2x

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The value of Grandparents..., of course, immeasurable. And, my mom and step-dad's value increases exponentially on days like yesterday. They arrived mid-day after I'd spent the morning doing the reluctant first drop off at summer camp for one kid, followed by a multiple hour long butts up tourney (if you haven't played butts up yet, you're in for a treat. I promise to post the rules soon.) with my youngest and a few neighbors I agreed to watch.

Sure, I love taking a morning with the kids, but by noontime on my non-swim-morning days, the pool beckons. I missed the noon workout and thus scooted over to crank out 3,000 yards on my own in 45 minutes. Boring as hell, but efficient to say the least. Next time you need a self-imposed workout, try this one, as it seemed to fly by painlessly:

*warmup: 500 free
*600 free done as 100 free/stroke, 100 drill, 100 basic swim (repeat twice)
*2 x 300's free descending by 100
*400 free, done as 100 free/stroke, 100 basic (repeat twice)
*2 x 200's free descending by 100
*200 free done as 100 free/stroke, 100 basic
*2 x 100's free descending by 50
*warm down: 100 free

This morning's workout was slightly harder to recall, both because my email attacked me in the early morning and made me late, and because there was lots of kicking and sprinting (ew).

Monday, June 16, 2008

Dive Clinic

I wasn't able to attend the official dive clinic Tim set up but luckily Mike Texido put on his own dive clinic at the meet last Saturday. This photo was from the front page of the Palo Alto Weekly.

The meet was such a great success - incredibly well run and FUN. Major kudos to Judy and everyone involved in pulling it off!

Yesterday we had a nice leisurely "recovery" Sunday practice, and today we were back to normal long hard sets. Yay.

*warm up: 400 free, 2 x 50's kick, 2 x 50's stroke, 2 x 50's fast free
*3 x 200's descending 1-3
repeat 3 times
*2 x 100's descending 1-2
repeat 2 times

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Here comes the meet

Back in the pool with injured toe just in time for a taper for this weekend's meet. I'm really looking forward to sucking wind in the 400 free. If you are racing against me, have mercy. My kids are watching.

Today's workout:

*warm up: 400 free, 100 back, 200 free

*50 breast, 100 free
repeat 6 times, first 3 without fins, second 3 with fins (or fin if you have a sliced open toe like me)

*200 IM kick, 50 breast (? not sure I'm remembering this one correctly - I get hypoxic after IM kicking with one fin), 50 free
repeat two times

*100 fly (broken at 25), something, something

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Danger of Pool Cover Duty

I approached the pool with great excitement this past Sunday morning - my hubby had been gone for half a week and after no spare time to swim (without kids) I was desperately needing a work out. I guess that explains my overanxious early arrival at the pool, and thus unavoidable participation in pool uncovering. Bad move.

On the last cover we had to remove I stupidly stood right in front of the sharp little bugger of a thing that one screws into the ground to keep the roller stationary just as Peter gave the roller a good shove toward the next lane. My toe sliced open like a fresh bagel in a bagel slicer, and that was that. I'm out for a week (doctor says) but at least now I've had my tetanus shot updated.

I'm dying just being out of the pool for a week - how do people live without swimming I ask you?