Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Danger of Pool Cover Duty

I approached the pool with great excitement this past Sunday morning - my hubby had been gone for half a week and after no spare time to swim (without kids) I was desperately needing a work out. I guess that explains my overanxious early arrival at the pool, and thus unavoidable participation in pool uncovering. Bad move.

On the last cover we had to remove I stupidly stood right in front of the sharp little bugger of a thing that one screws into the ground to keep the roller stationary just as Peter gave the roller a good shove toward the next lane. My toe sliced open like a fresh bagel in a bagel slicer, and that was that. I'm out for a week (doctor says) but at least now I've had my tetanus shot updated.

I'm dying just being out of the pool for a week - how do people live without swimming I ask you?

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Haim said...

We missed you...well...except for the part where you would have crushed us on the 400s today. Speaking for myself...I didn't miss that at all ;)