Monday, June 16, 2008

Dive Clinic

I wasn't able to attend the official dive clinic Tim set up but luckily Mike Texido put on his own dive clinic at the meet last Saturday. This photo was from the front page of the Palo Alto Weekly.

The meet was such a great success - incredibly well run and FUN. Major kudos to Judy and everyone involved in pulling it off!

Yesterday we had a nice leisurely "recovery" Sunday practice, and today we were back to normal long hard sets. Yay.

*warm up: 400 free, 2 x 50's kick, 2 x 50's stroke, 2 x 50's fast free
*3 x 200's descending 1-3
repeat 3 times
*2 x 100's descending 1-2
repeat 2 times

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Haim said...

Sorry to hijack the blog (again), but I thought someone may be interested in this:

I have a spare pair of tickets to see Liz Phair at The Filmore Monday night (6/23). Liz is an awesome singer/songwriter, and this is a rare live performance for her. She's none too bad to look at either...ooops...did I say that out loud? :)

If anyone is interested in the show...let me know and the tickets are yours.