Saturday, March 31, 2007

World Championships

Well, in Australia Phelps has won his sixth gold, the USA women are world champions in water polo, and American Kate Ziegler has claimed the distance freestyle double. Here, we're just working on getting through a 500 and a 1,000 straight on a Saturday morning.

Warm up with 200 free followed by 2x50 choice.
repeat 3 times
*5x100 on comfy interval but swim at threshold pace
*500 at threshold pace
*100 easy
*1,000 straight at threshold pace
*100 easy
*3x100 "quality" on very comfy interval (2 minutes for Lane 2)

Happy Weekend!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

MM Pin Up Calendar - Get your submissions in now!

We're printing a calendar. How could we not? These should take care of January February March and April. That leaves 8 months we need to fill. Please submit your photos for consideration ASAP. Props, such as towels and shrimp, are encouraged. Extra points if you go out and get your hair frosted and bangs curled like you are about to attend your high school prom.

I look forward to seeing your submissions!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Just a Darn Good Workout

the workout today was:
*200, 150, 100, 50 free each followed by 25 flutter kick on back and 25 flutter kick on front
*3x100 free pacing, 500 free race pace, 3x50 backstroke active recovery
*3x50 free pacing, 200 free race pace, 3x50 backstroke active recovery
*4x25 free pacing, 100 free race pace, 3x50 backstroke active recovery
*50 kick, 4x25 free with first 5 strokes strong, 50 easy, 50 sprint
repeat two times

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

She's Crafty

Today's workout report will be teed up by Rebecca's daily shower craft talk, which was seasonally appropriately centered on egg dying. Yes, can you believe it? Easter (and Passover) are almost here.

As we were luxuriating in warm water after the bitter wind outside, she mentioned that candle wax is a fabulous addition to those $.99 dye kits from Walgreens. What she recommends is this:

1. drip some wax on an egg
2. dye the egg
3. drip some more wax on the egg
4. dye it another color
5. repeat as many times as you like
6. at some point hold egg over flame to remelt the wax and peel it off
7. have a gorgeous egg that is shiny, multi-colored and patterned, and harder to break that those which have not been "waxed"

I have not tried this, but I'm home with two sick kids today. We're Jewish but I think we'll do this activity just for the Jesus-lovin' heck of it. Rebecca also mentioned that dying dry macaroni is fun. I think I'll get some of the small curly tubes of macaroni, dye them red and put two little horns on each of my Easter eggs. Voila. Deviled eggs. Perfect for the Jew that can't stay away from Christian traditions (they're just too fun). Yes, I realize I'm going to hell.

Workout (February Fitness Maintenance, Music to my ears):

*150 free warm up pace followed by 2x50 free strong with 5 sec rest between 50's.
Repeat 3 times
Add fins for:
*4x400 with first 100 fin drag, second 100 dolphin kick on back, last 200 strong swim with strong fin kick. There was an interval but we simply rested approx. 20-30 between 400's :).
Remove fins for:
*2x600 with first 600 broken at the 150x2 (moderate), then 100x2 (stronger), then 50x2 (strongest) for 2-5 seconds and second 600 done straight.
Warm down with 50 backstroke

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Open Up

In totally unrelated to swimming news, here's a photo of my kids up on the pedestrian overpass in Saratoga overlooking Hwy 85 yesterday. There aren't any of these in MP and I didn't know before yesterday that crossing one of these would be as fun for them as shaking Mickey Mouse's hand at Disneyland. We waved from the overpass and drivers waved or honked back. "They know me now!" my son screamed, empowered and clearly feeling Godlike, which was partly true since just by our presence and interaction with the high speed drivers we were likely were skyrocketing the percentage chance of a fatal accident by the second. To my 4 year old, it seemed as if the cars were emerging from a highway of anonymity and their unsuspecting passengers were being crowned with the glory of knowing us as soon as they passed under our feet. Ah, to be four. Anyway, there's a little weekend activity suggestion for you.

And here's another one.

I hope you're all ready to take advantage of the free swimming tomorrow (Sunday) at the pool during the Menlo Swim and Sport Open House. I know Tim was looking for "swim models" and I'm going to show up just to see who on the team is allowing themselves to be demonstrated with. I was up for volunteering to show how some swimmers who can execute long distances of freestyle perfectly well nearly drown when swimming breaststroke, but that wasn't one of the categories he was looking for.

In other news, I'm thinking of some sort of contest or challenge I'm going to throw out to you people. I don't know what yet, but keep checking back because it's coming this week. I expect 100% participation and there will be grand rewards and recognition for all.

Today's Workout:
*200 free followed by 100 IM with half of each length done as kick only
Repeat three times
4x200 free done (for Lane 2) on the 2:40, 2:40, 3:00 and then under 2:30 (so obviously the emphasis is on the fourth 200)
*100, 200, 300, 400 IM kick only, with fins.
fly kick is underwater
back kick is one leg kick
breast is done with breast pull and dolphin kick
free kick fast
Take fins off.
*4x100 IM done (for Lane 2) on the 1:40, 1:40, 2:00 and then under 1:30

Thursday, March 22, 2007


Thanks to Tim for plugging the blog in the MM newsletter yesterday. No thanks to Tim for calling me "Wild Sarah". I'm not offended, and the descriptor fits, but I've always wanted a nickname and this isn't it. I believe that if it's going to involve my name it should at least rhyme or be alliterative. I'm leaning towards Super Sarah, or maybe just BadAss, neither of which are inventive at all. My Goddaughter calls me SaSa. That's cute, but hardly tough enough, so I'm sort of left hanging on this one.

Speaking of being left hanging, I think I deeply offended Tim when I didn't mentally record my time for the fourth 500 during workout this morning. Note to noon swimmers: Tim will become very annoyed (and possibly will simply walk away) if you do not note your fourth 500 time. I had no idea we were self-recording so I didn't even look. Felt like a moron when he gave me that "How could you not check your time?" blank stare. How, indeed. I'm the worst at results-oriented sets. I never check (can't really see the clock anyway so that's partly my excuse).

Results or no, it was a great workout today.

*4 x 500 descending.
*2 x 100 at fastest sustainable interval possible (such as a 1:15 or 1:20 for Lane 2).
*1 x 50 where first three strokes are butterfly, then free rest of the length but touch 3rd and last blue line with hands or feet, then return length is head-up freestyle.
*1 x 150 recovery
Repeat 3 times

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A Good Rising

Special kudos to Kathleen for coming to my par-tay last night and even sitting in the front row for the screening, as you can see. I roped her into committing to the event yesterday morning after a great swim workout, when she was feeling most accomplished and optimistic about wanting to leave the house later that evening, from 7-9PM. Whoooohoooo!

Thanks for representing the MM hood last night Kathleen. You rock, and not just in the pool.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

It's not too late!

Come drink some wine with me and get fired up about fighting for a more family friendly America tonight at Lucie Stern, at 7PM. Just go here and sign up and RSVP. I have to get up and speak and I'm going to do it in my shiny red swimsuit. No. I'm not. That's ridiculous and would be embarrassing for you and me both. I won't do that to you. So come on down, there will be no semi-nudity but there will be alcohol, cupcakes and a great, inspiring film...almost as inspiring as the workout this morning.

Ah, free pulling.

*100 free followed by a strong 75 repeated 4 times
add pulling gear for:
*200, 150, 100 followed by 3 strong 50's (on 50's the 40s for Lane 2), all free (there is a G-d), repeated 3 times (first round, 200 is strong, second round, 150 is strong, third round, 100 is strong)
take gear off for:
*4x150: first 150 emphasize first 50, second 150 emphasize second 50, third 150 emphasize third 50, fourth 150 all strong

Monday, March 19, 2007

A Mile of Butterfly

No, this is not what we did this morning (thank G-d). But I have to give kudos where kudos are due, to Frances and Peter (and if there was someone else someone please enlighten me) for doing a mile of butterfly at the Rinconada meet on Saturday. Rebecca Pinto likes to call this meet the Rinky Dink Meet but, as I'm sure she would agree, there's nothing dinky about 1650 yards of butterfly.

Frances and Peter both completed the event in less than 30 minutes. That's about 4 days and 23.5 hours less than swimming a mile of fly would take me. I'm in awe.

Here's what we did this morning:

*300 free followed by 2x25 kick
*300 free followed by 2x50 quick free
All free, all broken in half for 2-5 seconds to check time and try to match split on second half. (Interval for Lane 2, on 1:30 base):
*3x100 on the 1:35, 1:25, 1:20, trying to match pace for all three
*3x100 on the 1:35, 1:25, 1:20, trying to match pace for all three
*4x25 fast free with decreasing rest (15 sec, 10, 5)

Friday, March 16, 2007

It's not easy being Green

Perhaps Kermit the frog said it best.

These days we'd all like to be a bit more earth friendly and carcinogen avoiding. Let's face it, we're all pissing bishpenol A at levels that just ain't right. But the going green effort isn't as easy as buying your shampoo at Whole Foods. Well, it can be. That's about the best I can do on a personal level (Look, buying all new everything and changing your entire lifestyle isn't that easy but at least I'm not rubbing the carcinogens into my kids' scalps). But of course this is more like going orange, or something. I'm trying, on the personal front. And I'm nuts about green businesses.

Baby steps.

Anyway, one thing I do is buy JASON natural swimmers shampoo (for my otherwise green-from-chlorine blond hair) at Whole Foods. It's great. Smells good, makes me feel like I'm saving the world, and apparently gets the chlorine out.

Speaking of chlorine, I can't wait to get back in the pool tomorrow. See you there.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Bonus Day

I don't usually get to swim on Wednesdays so today was a special bonus (which I took before my husband could change his mind and say no...before he woke up) given to me because said husband is about to leave for a business trip (sigh, I'll be absent from the pool for a few days, but I'll be soaking up the sun. Hello, can you believe this weather?).

By the way, this is a totally random photo of a swimmer I found on the web so don't waste your time trying to figure out who this is. However, that gives me an idea: I think I'll take bare toe photos of team members and see if anyone can guess whose they are. Or maybe hands or knees. Elbows are fun. You just never know with me. Ladies, be sure to keep mani and pedicured at all times so that I don't catch you unaware. (Right, as if any of us get manicures. What's up with the immediate nail demolishing by chlorine? Have they not engineered a chemical that will allow us to swim and stay coiffed at the same time? Apparently not. Hmph).

Back to bonus days, I'm curious how many days a week you all swim. Two? Five? Seven? Do tell. I am allotted Mon, Tues, Thurs and Sat and I want more. I wonder, when I'm alone at night insomniating and such, about those of you who swim every day. Do you ever get tired of it or is it constant weightless bliss? What is the ideal number of swim days per week?

Enough ramblings. Here's today's workout:

*700 done as the following pattern four times through: 5 laps free, 1 lap backstroke, 1 lap breastroke
*50 fly/back, 25 kick, 50 breast/free, 25 kick four times through
*3 x 200 IM's descending with the emphasis (faster length) on the second length of each stroke. These were done with 45 seconds rest between
*3 x 200 freestyle broken at the 50, working on pacing each 50 evenly for 200 pace. 50's done on the 50 second interval (for Lane 2). 45 seconds rest between 200's.
*2 x 200's not broken trying to hold 50 yard pace from set above.
*1 x 200 loosen so that you "go into the shower loose, not tight" as Tim instructed.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

5 Things I love about 500's

1. They are long and usually consist of freestyle.
2. They fire us ladies up (a good hard swim and resultant adrenaline rush will do that) and the locker room is raucous after the workout. Today Rebecca told Lanshin, who is in her second trimester with boy*girl twins (yay Lanshin, more swimmers!), that her black spandex maternity pants would be much more classy if they were made out of velour and had "Hot Mama" printed in rhinestones across the butt. That's good locker talk.
3. They make for a fun game: seeing which lane mate will fight hardest to be last in line to capitalize on the draft. They also inspire discussions over whether the lane leader has counted correctly and over or undershot the 20 lap distance. Note to Lane two swimmers: my count is never off. Just follow me.
4. A group of them together (like today) makes for very little explanation time. Bad news: no chance to hear Tim's subtle sarcastic remarks. Good news: no chance for me to freeze up between swims.
5. The occurrence of sets that consist of 500's convince me that the money I'm slipping Tim is worth it. Someone else clearly paid for the backstroke portion of today's workout:

*8, 7, 6, 5, 4 laps of freestyle
*4 x 500's with 45 seconds rest in-between
1. first 25 and last 25 backstroke, rest freestyle
2. broken for five seconds at the 25 (back), then 50 (free), then 75 (free back free), then 100 (free), repeat 100, 75, 50, 25.
Repeat 1 and 2 for #'s 3 and 4 and try to beat times on the total 500 for #3 and on the 100's pace for #4.
*3 x 100's (100 free, 75 free 25 back, 50 free 50 back) done with matched times.
*3 x 50's (50 free, 25 free 25 back, 50 back) done with matched times.
*25 floaty free
*25 sprint free

Monday, March 12, 2007

Injury Express

These are my toes as they should be: bare and painted blue with double M's crafted out of rhinestones (for Menlo Masters of course). Notice there are no cleats in this picture. I will be hanging up my soccer cleats once again, after pulling both of my quad muscles after one full game (last week) and five minutes of a second game (yesterday). Let's just tally up the cost of those 95 soccer minutes, shall we?

Team league fees: $80
New soccer cleats: $45
New shin guards: $15
New soccer shorts: $25
New soccer socks: $10
Double quad injury: Worthless

And so of course, this morning's workout was kicking. Perfect. I only did part of it, so someone will have to fill in the rest:

*500 free
*3x100 free descending
*2x50 fast free
*4x50(repeat 4 times):
first 50 kick underwater half length, then above water rest of 50
second 50 some sort of kick
third 50 catchup
fourth 50 fast free
After this set I jumped in the warm pool and did the following on my own (I'm a rebel):
*500 free
*5x100 free descending
*500 free
After this set, a shower and some coffee I went home and sat down. Then the phone rang. I jumped up to answer it and went down like a ton of bricks. The legs are just not showing me the love today. Here's to hopes for pulling sets tomorrow!

Saturday, March 10, 2007


We had a mini luau last night and this morning I spent an enjoyably hard set working off the meat stix my step-dad, Byron-the-Hawaiian, fired up. Breathing was difficult during the swim but it was worth it. This luau business started off as a request from my 4.5 year old but quickly became more significant than a an opportunity for me to eat Kalua Pig.

A year ago last night Byron-the-Hawaiian went into the hospital with some unexplained malaise that had forced an extremely active guy nearly permanently into a BarcaLounger wrapped up in a blanket. After ten days in the hospital this malaise was recognized as Stage IV Large Cell B Lymphoma. The C word. And now, a year later, Byron is back on the barbee in perfect health. We are so lucky.

So here's to health and hard sets:

*600 free with 6 lengths of stroke done at any time
*100 easy free
*100 IM
*3x200 free descending (on 1:25 base for Lane 2)
*50 fast free
*100 easy free
*200 IM
*3x150 free descending (on 1:25 base for Lane 2)
*50 fast free
*100 easy free
*300 IM
*3x100 free descending (on 1:25 base for Lane 2)
*50 fast free
*4x75 free descending (on 1:25 base for Lane 2)

Friday, March 9, 2007

Not a "strong" swimmer

Despite my constant urgings that swimming as a workout would eliminate the many injuries he suffers from basketball and soccer, my husband, whom I'll just call Superboy (because he's my personal hero in all things non-swimming), doesn't swim. Or he didn't, until yesterday.

Last night I was just getting ready to go to bed when he said, "Do you have any extra goggles I can have?"

I spun around in my chair and looked at him, mouth open. "Whatever for?" I asked. I've been arguing with him as if he were my child (something I've learned a lot about lately) about the benefits of swimming over injury prone sports, for years.

"These things don't work," he said, handing me a pair of rubber foam goggles the likes of which I have not seen since sixth grade.

"I could have told you that," I said. "But why do you need goggles?"

"Got in the pool today," he said. "But these glasses things just kept filling with water."

I was beyond the glasses-glasses!?-goggles comment already and was glowing with pride that my very non-buoyant Superboy had gotten wet. I wanted to know just how far he swam and how it went.

He told me he went "back and forth four times" in the 25 yard pool. A single 200. Broken, it seems.

"I stopped to rest after each length or lap or whatever you people call it," he said. "Whew. And you realize," he continued, "I went through the deep end where I couldn't even stand up!"

At that point I just had to give him a big old hug. You gotta love the effort. To think that it was actually concerning to him to "swim" through the deep end was just more cuteness than I could take. Sometimes I forget how incredibly hard and scary it is to swim for a non-swimmer. Even a basketball playing soccer star like Superboy.

And so yesterday I swam my multiple multiple 300's thinking of how fortunate I am/we are to have swimming as something that comes so easily. It would be a whole different experience for sure if we had to fret whenever we crossed into deeper waters or whenever we took a breath (my husband is sure he'll take in too much water one of these times and flood his lungs).

Kudos to you all who have taught yourselves to swim later in life. I don't know that I would have had the sticktoitiveness to do it if I hadn't learned right along with reading and writing. It's not an easy process to glide through the water when you aren't used to it. I'd be interested to hear who among you took on swimming in adulthood and how the process went. Leave a comment!

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Butter My Buoy?

I know it's going to be a good day when the morning opens with one of my muscled male teammates (fully clothed of course) opening his parka to me for warmth while listening to the warm up set. (Apparently he hadn't heard about this damning blog yet :).

Things just got better (if that's possible) from there. The fact that the main set was done with paddles didn't lessen my excitement when I heard Tim say "Eight 300's." Whooohoooo! Freestyle junkie heaven. Little did I know this uber set would also be a chance for me to improve my swim-cabulary.

After the first 300, Emmit (correct my spelling if need be) popped up during the rest period and said, "Okay. Someone buttered my buoy". Fabulous.

I don't know if Emmit made this term up or if I've just been unfortunate enough thus far in my career not to hear it, but I love it. I immediately knew exactly what he meant. This whole buoy buttering is exactly why I never, ever, use a buoy. It drives me crazy. Typically I was the one to butter my own buoy with careless flip turns, but no matter. The thing bothered me and also grossed me out (I'm not squeamish but Styrofoam that has previously been wedged into other folks' crotches doesn't hold much allure for me) so I eradicated it from my swimming repertoire.

Back to the vocabulary. Hearing the term "buttered my buoy" only made me wonder what the analogous term would be for losing a paddle. The best I could come up with during the rest of the set was "piddled my paddle". I need help. All those who can think of a term for losing a paddle that comes anywhere close to the genius of the buoy line, leave it here. I'll be the judge of the winner.

And the workout was...

*5 x 150 with the first 50 of each done as two-count drill. 5 seconds rest between 150's
*8 x 300, descending by 2 (swim first 300, match with second. descend third 300, match with fourth, etc.). We had about 25 seconds rest between 300's so whatever interval that is for your lane, do it :).
*1 x 300 broken at the 25 for 5 seconds. first 25 done as 2 count drill, second 25 hard. repeat throughout 300.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Parents Party (yes, we still got it)

I'd be remiss if I didn't let my fellow swimmers know about a party that two of my favorite organizations (and me :) are throwing. In other words: FREE DRINKS. PARTY. READ ON.

Check out Maya's Mom, a great social networking spot for parents that I'm addicted to (it's free), and, a non-profit organization that is fighting across political party lines to create a more family-friendly America including quality childcare options. How does this relate to swimming? Well, if I didn't have good childcare I certainly couldn't swim. Okay, it's a stretch but I'll use it.

On Tuesday March 20 at 7PM in Palo Alto some Maya's Mom folks and myself are throwing a party to screen the MomsRising movie, The Motherhood Manifesto. It's shortish and funny, and we'll be cocktailing throughout. All you need to do is sign up at Maya's Mom and RSVP to the blog invitation.

I hope to see you there, and more importantly, I hope some of you are turned on to Maya's Mom and MomsRising (dudes too). I love these organizations.

More info on the film:
The Motherhood Manifesto Book & DVD

"The Motherhood Manifesto is a revolutionary page-turner. I defy anyone to read this book and not want to hug their mother--then work for change."
-- Arianna Huffington, founder,

"The Motherhood Manifesto documentary is a funny, fascinating, informative and finally infuriating film about motherhood in America."
-- Ann Crittenden, author, The Price of Motherhood.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Soggy Spandex

When the alarm went off this morning at 5:15 I could not motivate my sore muscles to move. After some aggressive bed stretching (okay nodding off), I managed to get up and get to the water by 6:15, just in time to jump into the main set, cold as ice. But no matter, because after this set was over, the fins came off and I got a lovely little boost in energy.

David, a fellow Lane 2 swimmer, handed me his fins to put up on the deck because I was hanging on the wall and he was treading water. His fins safely on deck, I began to bend over to take off my own fins when David handed me something...more: a mass of soggy black spandex.

He allowed me a good two seconds to think "JACKPOT" and begin to look down beneath the surface to see what he'd revealed before he said "Those are my socks." Ewwww. Talk about breaking the mood.

But I refused to be broken immediately. I couldn't refrain from twirling the socks above my head and howling "Whooohoooo!" like a cheap Vegas tourist in a strip club. That's just me on a Tuesday morning at 6:30 AM. Call me crazy. Lots of people do.

And here's what we swam:

*150 free moderate, 75 stroke free stroke, 25 kick
repeat 3 times

Add fins for:
*3 x 250 descending, 100 easy kick
repeat 2 times

Remove fins and suits, uh, socks for:
free on (level 2) the 1:35 base
*2 x 150
*1 x 300, beat time for 2 x 150's
*2 x 100
*1 x 200, beat time for 2 x 100's

Monday, March 5, 2007

My other sport

This morning our backyard Magnolia tree is in spectacular bloom, and I'm nursing some seriously sore muscles after reviving myself from a 12 year soccer retirement. Swimming took over soccer long ago as the sport in my life, but yesterday I finally put those cleats back on and played a full game. 90 minutes has never felt so long. This morning swimming was my recovery.

I love telling people I played soccer in college (it's a vanity/pride thing). When they probe further, I love telling them we were No. 2 in the nation and that I played against Brandi Chastain when she was at Santa Clara. This is all true. However, the more accurate claim would be that I rode the bench on a soccer team in college that was much too talented for me to find any game time, and that I watched Chastain work her magic from a few feet away (again, from the bench). Accurate, but not sexy. And still, it's the truth.

I did get a few minutes of game time once, in-between injuries and breaks in my spirit. My collegiate soccer experience is the reason I can appreciate positive coaching so well. I broke myself before the season began, after months of hard work as an unknown incoming freshman, after catching a ride to Santa Barbara with someone I did not know and being dropped off on campus the morning of the try-out with no idea where I'd stay that night, after being invited to join the team. I never went home again. I was at college six weeks before any of the other freshman and my parents, who thought I'd be back a few days later, didn't get the chance to take their first child off to college. After all that, I pulled my hip flexer muscle nearly right away. In practice.

Even before the muscle pulled and I spent most of the season in the training room getting light and heat treatments and whirpool tortures, my spirit was broken. The coach didn't like me because I wasn't as good as the other players. Truly I wasn't. I had the potential, but deep down I believed I was out of my league (which was ultimately, of course what broke me). When I say this team was talented, I mean they were good. They'd all been recruited from across the nation and lots were All American stars. I had no business being a part of their closely knit unit, but it sure was an honor. When the coach brought me into the tiny room to tell me I'd made the team he didn't mince words. "I shouldn't keep you," he said. "You'll need to get better. But there's potential." That was the last nice thing I heard from him. And generally, that's okay. He was my coach, not my friend.

Still, I wish I had been stronger back then; strong enough not to let him help break me so quickly. I heard "Sarah you're losing the flow!" nearly every time I touched the ball. Or, "Sarah. Arghhhhhh!" and then finally, silence. He completely gave up on me. His criticism is no excuse for my lack of success but let's just say I lost a lot of love for soccer, something I held as a core part of my life, that year. I didn't go back and try out again, and I shied away from even casual pick up games.

Yesterday was glorius. The sun was out in Portola Valley and the smell of the field brought back childhood memories of traveling two towns over to tear up some freshly mowed grass and sweat it out with some similarly hard hitting females. A pure outlet from all that I dealt with in adolescence and beyond. An outlet I have found once again. I'm a world away from being in good soccer shape and my lungs felt desperate after the first sprint, but instead of a man on the sidelines telling me I was the weak link on the field I had two dear friends on the field with me plus my husband feeding me gorgeous passes and my two boys in the bleachers saying "Yayyyyyyy Mommy!"

Quite the way to return to something I once loved and hope to love again.

Now, leave some words of your own and tell us about your other sport! Did you grow up swimming or was some other sport your "thang"?

Glorius 200's

Workout for Monday March 5, 2007

*7 x 100 with last 25 done as drill (fist or one arm)
*3 rounds of 3 x 200 (first 200 moderate, second 200 moderate/hard, third 200 fast and broken for 5 seconds (first round broken 200 at the 25, second round at the 50, third round at the 100))
*200 done as 25 scull, 25 kick
*200 distance per stroke
*200 fast, match first and second 100 splits

Saturday, March 3, 2007

My kind of swim meet

No, this is not a Turkish men's sauna. This is our own "warm pool" (I don't care if it feels like a bath of urine, I like it) filled (okay sprinkled) with swimmers waiting to race. If only all swim meets, like the informal intramural one we had today, consisted mainly of a bunch of nice people luxuriating in 85 degree water, I believe I'd participate in more than one per year.

Sure, I was able to clock a few substandard times in a couple of events, and I got a workout during the 6-7 timeframe, but today was much more rewarding than an average meet would be for me.

Not only was the warm water a bonus, but this morning at the meet I actually met more of my teammates than I had in a few years. Usually at these things I spend my time shivering or swimming back and forth to avoid frostbite, but today I was able to engage in a conversation that was more than a brief wall chat like "Yah, you going? If not, let me. I'm freezing." It was actually fun. Honest.

And here's Tim. G-d love him. How this man is still able to get himself fired up about the times we individually turn in at an informal event like this that few people show up for, I don't know. Is he faking it? When he shouts out a play by play of a race so we'll all know (the "we" that wouldn't dare leave our 85 degrees to watch a race besides our own) that Jim in lane 3 is catching up to John in lane 4 even though they still have 100 yards left to swim, is he truly excited about the prospect of John beating Jim? Or is he just a stellar actor? I think he really cares. And that rocks. And even if he doesn't, who cares? He makes us feel like he does, and that is what a great coach can do: motivate others through his own enthusiasm. We love you Tim!

And that brings me to a call to action. I'm not sure if anyone is even reading this, but if you are I encourage you to leave shout outs to Tim in the comment section below. Tell your favorite Timspirational story. Come on. The words are in you, just put 'em down. Here.