Tuesday, March 27, 2007

She's Crafty

Today's workout report will be teed up by Rebecca's daily shower craft talk, which was seasonally appropriately centered on egg dying. Yes, can you believe it? Easter (and Passover) are almost here.

As we were luxuriating in warm water after the bitter wind outside, she mentioned that candle wax is a fabulous addition to those $.99 dye kits from Walgreens. What she recommends is this:

1. drip some wax on an egg
2. dye the egg
3. drip some more wax on the egg
4. dye it another color
5. repeat as many times as you like
6. at some point hold egg over flame to remelt the wax and peel it off
7. have a gorgeous egg that is shiny, multi-colored and patterned, and harder to break that those which have not been "waxed"

I have not tried this, but I'm home with two sick kids today. We're Jewish but I think we'll do this activity just for the Jesus-lovin' heck of it. Rebecca also mentioned that dying dry macaroni is fun. I think I'll get some of the small curly tubes of macaroni, dye them red and put two little horns on each of my Easter eggs. Voila. Deviled eggs. Perfect for the Jew that can't stay away from Christian traditions (they're just too fun). Yes, I realize I'm going to hell.

Workout (February Fitness Maintenance, Music to my ears):

*150 free warm up pace followed by 2x50 free strong with 5 sec rest between 50's.
Repeat 3 times
Add fins for:
*4x400 with first 100 fin drag, second 100 dolphin kick on back, last 200 strong swim with strong fin kick. There was an interval but we simply rested approx. 20-30 between 400's :).
Remove fins for:
*2x600 with first 600 broken at the 150x2 (moderate), then 100x2 (stronger), then 50x2 (strongest) for 2-5 seconds and second 600 done straight.
Warm down with 50 backstroke

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