Monday, March 12, 2007

Injury Express

These are my toes as they should be: bare and painted blue with double M's crafted out of rhinestones (for Menlo Masters of course). Notice there are no cleats in this picture. I will be hanging up my soccer cleats once again, after pulling both of my quad muscles after one full game (last week) and five minutes of a second game (yesterday). Let's just tally up the cost of those 95 soccer minutes, shall we?

Team league fees: $80
New soccer cleats: $45
New shin guards: $15
New soccer shorts: $25
New soccer socks: $10
Double quad injury: Worthless

And so of course, this morning's workout was kicking. Perfect. I only did part of it, so someone will have to fill in the rest:

*500 free
*3x100 free descending
*2x50 fast free
*4x50(repeat 4 times):
first 50 kick underwater half length, then above water rest of 50
second 50 some sort of kick
third 50 catchup
fourth 50 fast free
After this set I jumped in the warm pool and did the following on my own (I'm a rebel):
*500 free
*5x100 free descending
*500 free
After this set, a shower and some coffee I went home and sat down. Then the phone rang. I jumped up to answer it and went down like a ton of bricks. The legs are just not showing me the love today. Here's to hopes for pulling sets tomorrow!

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