Tuesday, March 20, 2007

It's not too late!

Come drink some wine with me and get fired up about fighting for a more family friendly America tonight at Lucie Stern, at 7PM. Just go here and sign up and RSVP. I have to get up and speak and I'm going to do it in my shiny red swimsuit. No. I'm not. That's ridiculous and would be embarrassing for you and me both. I won't do that to you. So come on down, there will be no semi-nudity but there will be alcohol, cupcakes and a great, inspiring film...almost as inspiring as the workout this morning.

Ah, free pulling.

*100 free followed by a strong 75 repeated 4 times
add pulling gear for:
*200, 150, 100 followed by 3 strong 50's (on 50's the 40s for Lane 2), all free (there is a G-d), repeated 3 times (first round, 200 is strong, second round, 150 is strong, third round, 100 is strong)
take gear off for:
*4x150: first 150 emphasize first 50, second 150 emphasize second 50, third 150 emphasize third 50, fourth 150 all strong

1 comment:

Matt said...

Alcohol AND cupcakes? Sounds good and I am not even a mom. But I have a date tonight with Coach Rick and my pull buoy so it seems.