Saturday, September 18, 2010

Another beautiful weekend of soccer

Some people think this is over-scheduling, but I beg to differ. We've got two games today, one of which I need to coach. Tomorrow there are three games, one of which I need to play in. In addition we'll be watching the Stanford football game tonight, and attending a dear friend's birthday party tomorrow. Somehow I've got to find time in there to work. BUT I LOVE MY BUSY WEEKENDS, and there is only one way to start them off...with a great swim.

warmup: 300 free, 3x100's kick, back, breast, 6x50's paced at same interval

at threshold pace:
*200, 2x100's, 4x50's
at recovery pace:
*3x50's kick, back, breast
Repeat 2x

at threshold pace:
*100, 3x50's
at recovery pace:
*150 easy
Repeat 2x

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My second favorite thing

My first favorite past time is, of course, swimming. Coming in at a close second is readingandeating. No, I can't separate the two. I'm sorry. They are a direct tie. That's why kepler'sandcafeborrone, sitting right next to each other in the heart of Menlo Park, make me so happy. I read while I eat, browse books after I eat, and just generally could spend pretty much all of my days right there in Menlo Center. If you're anything like me, or you just know how to read and like a good meal once in a while, I really don't understand why you wouldn't buy today's JITC deal. I mean, there, I said it. It's right there to the right on my sidebar.

As for this morning's workout, I've now got some help from a friend who is dabbling in physical training, and so I've been doing some leg and ab work before swimming in the morning. Today I did some mixture of lunges, calf raises, crazy ab twist thingies and squats called "Derek Jeters". Fun. THEN I was hit with the following:

*warmup: 300 free, 100 kick, 200 free, 100 stroke

add pull gear for:

*800 steady
*2 x 100's on the 1:15
*600 steady
*2 x 100's on the 1:15
*400 steady
*2 x 100's on the 1:15

remove pull gear (thank goodness) for:

*2 x 50's easy
*400 strong broken as:
100, 2 x 75's, 3 x 50's with 5 sec rest in-between

Monday, September 13, 2010

Birthday cupcakes and soccer snack schedules

Really, do we need all the snacks during and after every sports event and mid-day during school on every birthday? I'm just plain sick of it. Today's locker room discussion after the swim was centered around the fact that one parent's school had decided that all birthdays during September should be celebrated on a single day. Therefore, all the moms of September birthday kids had to organize which day to bring all the junk to school, and who would make it. Of course, scheduling issues and food-related bickering ensued. I don't understand the teacher-directed "parents, you organize and bring treats for your child's birthday" behavior. Do we really need to have ANYTHING brought to school for a kid's birthday? No. I never did it growing up, and I have never done it for my child at their school. It's ridiculous. And I applaud my kids' school for banning all birthday food as of last year. Hurrah!

And don't even get me started on the sports snack schedules. I believe this snack schedule thing was created by some evil-doer non-parent who decided to screw the rest of us with one extra duty, generally on the weekend, to add to getting the kids and all their gear to their respective games on time with the correct uniform on. So that's number one. Number two, handing out crap after a simple sporting event just makes no sense to me. What are we teaching our children? Go run around for an hour and then I'll give you some food IMMEDIATELY because you can't survive until we have a meal? Do we really want to feed our kids more calories than they've just burned off, as a treat for being active? No wonder more kids have weight problems than ever before. I may not have reduced the calories much, because I do give my soccer team Gatorade after a game to appease the snack-obsessed kids and parents - and that stuff has unneccesary syrup in it as well (hey, what's wrong with water!?!?!) - but at least it's hydrating. And at least none of the parents has to worry about their DREADED SNACK DAY!

Speaking of burning calories, here was today's workout. I also have decided to do 5 minutes of abs and 5 minutes of lunges before most swims, because I think meneeds some major strength training for soccer season, which began yesterday!

warmup: 100 free, 50 stroke
repeat 5x

50 technique, 100 aerobic, 200 threshold, 100 technique, 50 sprint
repeat 3x

250 done as 5x50's straight in above pattern
repeat 3x

Friday, September 10, 2010

Swim to Eat

Today's workout was just the kind of thing I needed to justify eating a ton of Italian food at half price (check out the deal to the right there - this place is really good and is downtown PA). So here goes:

warmup: 300 free, 200 back to breast, 100 IM, 50 stroke

add pulling gear for following descending set (all 100's strong):
200, 175, 150, 125, 100
175, 150, 125, 100
150, 125, 100
125, 100

remove pulling gear for following descending set (all 25's sprint free or fly):
125, 100, 75, 50, 25
100, 75, 50, 25
75, 50, 25
50, 25

total: 3,425 yards

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Open Water Swim Wish List

Just found this list of 50 great open water swims (one in each state) and had to share. Oh, to have the time.

Alabama – That Dam Swim in Muscle Shoals
Alaska – Pennock Island Challenge in Ketchikan
Arizona – Arizona Open Water Series in Pleasant Harbor Marina
Arkansas - DeGray Lake Open Water Swim in Bismarck
California – Trans Tahoe Relay in Lake Tahoe
Colorado– Horsetooth Long Distance Swim in Fort Collins
Connecticut – St. Vincent's Swim Across The Sound in Bridgeport
Delaware– Lums Pond State Park in Bear
Florida – Swim Around Key West in Key West
Georgia – SwimForYourLife in Lake Lanier in Atlanta
Hawaii – North Shore Swim Series in Honolulu on Oahu
Idaho – Lake Coeur d'Alene in Coeur d'Alene
Illinois – Big Shoulders in Lake Michigan
Indiana – Masters Championships in Morse Reservoir in Noble
Iowa – Lake Okoboji in the Iowa Great Lakes Region
Kansas – Shawnee Mission Park in Shawnee
Kentucky – Cave Run Lake south of Morehead
Louisiana– Aqualung Open Water Swim in Bush
Maine – Peaks Island to East End Beach in Portland
Maryland – Great Chesapeake Bay Swim
Massachusetts – Boston Light Swim in Boston Harbor
Michigan – Mackinac Island on Lake Huron
Minnesota – Lake Minnetonka near Minneapolis-St. Paul
Mississippi – Gator Bait in Eagle Lake in Vicksburg
Missouri – Swimming' in Moonshine Open Water Swim in Table Rock Dam in Branson
Montana – Whitefish Lake Open Water Swim near Glacier National Park
Nebraska – Cornhusker State Games in Holmes Park in Lincoln
Nevada – Slam the Dam in Las Vegas
New Hampshire – Squam Lake near Lake Winnipesaukee
New Jersey – Pageant Ocean Swim on Absecon Island in Atlantic City
New Mexico – Mescalero Lake
New York – Lake Minnewaska near New Paltz
North Carolina – Triangle Open Water Swim Series in Jordan Lake
Ohio – Ohio Open Water Championships in East Fork Lake in Batavia
Oklahoma – Tallchief Open Water Swim in Sand Springs
Oregon – Cascade Lakes Swim Series in Elk Lake
Pennsylvania – Search for Monongy in the Allegheny River in Pittsburgh
Rhode Island – Second Beach Swim in Sachuest Beach in Middletown
South Carolina – Death Valley Open Water in Hartwell Lake in Clemson
South Dakota – Sylvan Lake in the Black Hills
Tennessee – Swim the Suck in Tennessee River Gorge in Chattanooga
Texas – Highland Lakes Challenge in Austin
Utah – Deer Creek Open Water Marathon Swim near Heber City
Vermont – Kingdom Swim in Lake Memphremagog in Newport
Virginia - Jim McDonnell Lake Swims in Lake Audubon in Reston
Washington – Fat Salmon Swim in Lake Washington in Seattle
West Virginia – Summit Lake near Richwood
Wisconsin – Manitou Monster Lake Swim in New Auburn
Wyoming – Jenny Lake in Gran Teton National Park