Saturday, September 18, 2010

Another beautiful weekend of soccer

Some people think this is over-scheduling, but I beg to differ. We've got two games today, one of which I need to coach. Tomorrow there are three games, one of which I need to play in. In addition we'll be watching the Stanford football game tonight, and attending a dear friend's birthday party tomorrow. Somehow I've got to find time in there to work. BUT I LOVE MY BUSY WEEKENDS, and there is only one way to start them off...with a great swim.

warmup: 300 free, 3x100's kick, back, breast, 6x50's paced at same interval

at threshold pace:
*200, 2x100's, 4x50's
at recovery pace:
*3x50's kick, back, breast
Repeat 2x

at threshold pace:
*100, 3x50's
at recovery pace:
*150 easy
Repeat 2x


walterbayliss said...

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Sugar D said...

Love busy weekends too! We've got 1 game, pumpkin patch, tryout for Minute to Win it in Santa Maria, sleep over with friends to all rise at the crack of dawn to go fishing! Great post!