Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Traveling to a Tri I'm not doing

So, we're off to Sun River Oregon this weekend which should be gorgeous, and the Pacific Crest Tri happens to be happening there this weekend. Of course, I learned about it way too late to train for it, so instead I'll be running the 5K and salivating over the river swim. But, my six-year-old will be running his first race as well, and that promises to be a photo finish. Can't wait.

Today's workout:

*warm up: 250 free, 2 x 50's breaststroke kick
repeat twice

*2 x 25's high elbow, 1 x 200 free moderate
*2 x 25's high elbow, 2 x 200 free harder
*2 x 25's high elbow, 3 x 200 free fast

*2 x 50's; 25, 50, 75; 2 x 50's breaststroke kick

*4 x 25's fast free, one 50 breaststroke kick recovery
repeat 2x

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