Friday, February 26, 2010

Same time, same place, same people, next year

Every year around Valentine's Day the gang of kids my oldest son went to preschool with gets together, takes their shirts off, frosts pink cookies, and tatts up for a posed photo. This is the fourth year we've done it (shown here are '09 first then '10, taken yesterday) and it is such a great way to see the boys' progress from toddlers, to boys, and someday G-d willing, to men. We moms plan to do this until they refuse to let us do it any longer (maybe 5th grade??? 7th??), and then pick it back up when they'll let us again (high school? college??), and then show these photos at ALL of their weddings :). The progression of pictures hangs on our walls and makes us smile as we walk by them; in all the photos our boys are happy, rambunctious, keyed up on sugar, and re-bonded to lifelong friends. And as their moms, we all love this get-together. We are no longer all at the same school, though we've remained close, and I treasure the bond we have from way back when. I hope we always have this group, that it never extends to others (there is something very special and comforting to me about keeping some things in life exclusive, repetitive, and limited to those who experienced a certain point in their lives together. Call me a bitch for not wanting to play the "more the merrier" card, but that's the deal). There is plenty of other time for bigger gatherings. I'll keep this special little love-fest for ourselves as long as I possibly can.

One negative effect of these get-togethers: I adore frosted cookies and wine is always served. And thus, today's workout was not the easiest for me to complete.

*warmup: 2 x 250's free, 2 x 125's breast (odd) to free (even)

*200 free, 200 free with breast pulldowns, 3 x 50's free fast, 3 x 50's breast to free descending, 6 x 25's easy to fast
Repeat this THREE times

*100, 50, 25 free
*100, 50, 25 breast

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Anne Marie said...

Can I come next year?;-) ha!