Friday, February 12, 2010

Locker Room Koi Fish

Ah, I call myself a brave woman for posting this puffy eyed photo of myself, but here it is. SOoooooo fun to have my BFF here to spend the night and swim in the morning, and of course we have matching suits ;-).

As I was jumping into the pool someone on deck asked me "Hey do you require all your friends to have cute suits?"
Answer: "No, it is not required. But it is strongly encouraged."

*warmup: 4 x 150s, 4 x 75s
*4x100, 50, 2 x 25s
*3x100, 50, 2 x 25s
*2x100, 50, 2 x 25s
*1x100, 50, 2 x 25s

so many little teeny tiny swims I can't remember the rest!


Anne Marie said...

We don't look puffy eyed???;-)

and you forgot to mention the whole 'Butterfly' theme of the swim! that was a doosey.

thx again. u all are SO lucky to have your group.

tres_arboles said...

Is that 4 times (100, 50, 2x25) etc OR 4 100s, then a 50, then two 25s? Sorry to bug you, but I steal your workouts all the time and I want to get this one right! Swim on.


MM said...

You look way more awake at 5:30 AM than I ever do. I have that suit too, and it's my favorite.

sarah said...

Wow. Okay first of all I always go by the assumption that no one reads this blog so this is very exciting to get three comments in one day.

Okay AM, YES I left out the butterfly portion because I'm just too undetail-oriented to mention it, but for David (whooohoooo someone is taking these workouts, yay!) I'll try to be more detailed (David it was 4 x 100s then 1 x 50, then 2 x 25's, not 4 x the whole thing). It was indeed a lot harder and longer than I am representing it as, but seriously I wasn't concentrating :)

MM - dude, I just checked out your blog and I love it (and covet your life!). Glad to find you! And your profile pic is awesome!