Thursday, February 25, 2010

Summer Day

I woke up at 3am this morning still sweating from my hip hop dance class late last night. I knew I'd be in trouble if I went back to sleep, but I did it anyway (after having to change into a completely new pair of non-sweaty jammies) and of course I slept right through my alarm at 5. Nothing can take away the frustration of waking up once it's already light out and realizing the swim has passed me by...except my kids jumping into the bed and squealing with joy upon finding me home instead of at the pool. The 30 minute snuggle session that follows pretty much makes it ALL (missing practice, life, death, misery, whathaveyou) worth it.

But I still can't miss my swim.

So, I snuck in a 45 minute 2800 yards at 11am today and let-me-tell-you it is summer out there. The sun was bright enough to warm my back and burn my eyes and the deck didn't freeze my heels like it does in the morning. In addition, I had two coffee meetings this morning so I was properly pumped up on caffeine and ready to churn (I simply repeated the workout from Tuesday without pull gear). I was also able to do a little mid-day mascara experiment. No, it didn't smudge. Wowza.

Bless this weather, and mid-day swims. Amen.

1 comment:

Anne Marie said...

you did 2800 yds in 45!!
i hate you...;-)