Monday, May 24, 2010

I'm on Oprah this afternoon

Okay I'm not. But Cafe Borrone is, and I happened to work with the Oprah producers to get the photos of the sausage sandwich over to the show, so in some way I'm on Oprah. Close as I'll ever get. Meanwhile, I'm so excited about Borrone being mentioned and highlighted as James Franco's favorite place to eat and gather with his family (check the pic Oprah is showing of him with his family on OUR very own MP FOUNTAIN!). Very exciting!!!! Check out the preview here and look for James 3/4 of the way through.

Go in to Borrone this week because Marina is going to run a special sausage sandwich deal all week in honor of James' favorite dish.

Good thing I pre-swam off the sausage this morning:

*warmup: 400 straight, then 400 done as 4x100's of one arm, other arm, kick, swim
*5 x 300's with varying turn options including Uturn, double streamline, fly stroke, limited breathing
*5 x 150's with varying turn options same as above!