Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day Swim

This is a photo from last night, at a "shipwrecked" party we went to. I got to stay for an hour before I had to run home and do more testing for launch, but at least I got to dress up in island wear and there was no hangover this morning.

Speaking of this morning, and the whole darn day, it could not have been better.

I woke up after having slept in extremely late (6:30am), and my boys ran in to snuggle. The boys had written out cards to me; cards like I've never received from them before. They were not homemade, and I am glad. Why? Because they didn't spend time drawing flowers. Instead they spent time filling the space on the bought card with words. They told me I was the best because I snuggle, play soccer, read and skateboard. Also they were proud of my Sequence skills. These cards took a long while to write out, I know, and my day was pretty much made after I read them.

As if that wasn't enough, N wrote me a card praising me for all I always hope to be praised for, and then immediately intuited that I wanted a coffee and the boys wanted hot chocolate, so off he ran to get it. We drank it three across in bed. And then I got to work.

My new venture is launching, well, right this hour actually, and I'm pretty excited about it, so I didn't mind the work. Plus, a few hours later I got to take a break and have a swim. (500 free, 5x100's fly, 600 free double build, 2 x 100's fast, 500 free double build, 2 x 100's fast, 400 free double build, 100 free easy).

The rest of the day was rounded out by my whole family coming over for frosted cookies (so I got to see my mom as well), a dear friend dropping off flowers, and Juice in the City being up and running after countless hours of hard work done by many more than me. Thank you team. Happy Mother's Day!

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