Thursday, January 14, 2010

Right as Ramps

It's just this simple, people. Kids, mud, and tilted surfaces make for infinitely more fun than any high priced video game or toy. This is a new bike ramp our buddy got for Christmas. Never a bike has it seen. But boy does it provide hours of good dirty fun (and quite a few quality injuries) for little boys. This is MY kind of toy!

Speaking of toys, I dislike them in general. I remember about 3 things from my childhood as being fun to play with (LEGOs, marble runs and that god-awful makeup doll head one could give a makeover to), and the rest of the time we spent playing soccer, ding dong ditch (okay I know that's not right), fort-building and doctor (again, not exactly "right").

I also dislike swim toys. Fins, in general. I cannot figure out why, as a soccer player, I cannot KICK in the water. Why, I ask you, is Lanshin lapping me before we're at the 400 mark? This is also, not right.

But the ramp...that's RIGHT. Full circle post, see?

*warmup: 600 free

add fins for:

*3 x 800's, first one with 5 underwater dolphin kicks after every wall, second one build by 200, third one 100's on/off fast/slow

*6 x 100's descending

*200 sans fins warmdown

1 comment:

Anne Marie said...

OMG, my son would DIG this ramp. must have it. Where did they get it.

and as far as fins, it's the ONE thing i'm okay with in the pool!