Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ah, back to the pool

It is so pathetic how bad I feel when I am out of the pool. When I missed the 100x100's last week I nearly cried. It was as if the sky got darker the moment I realized I wouldn't be able to do it. I literally had to remind myself that around the nation people were dying, right, that, minute, and all I was doing was missing some swims and feeling fairly ill. That made me feel better. Sick, right? I mean really.

As if getting back to the pool today wasn't enough, I also got to hear Rebecca's daughter (a real, hip, college kid!) say she reads this blog and thinks it's funny. I love when people admit they read the blog. Love it.

*warmup: 400 easy, 4 x 100's moderate
*3 x 400's free
*4 x 300's free
*2 x 50's free, hard
*2 x 25's free, hard


Anne Marie said...

Yah! Love it on both accounts!
Glad you're back and running ...i mean swimming!

Ann said...

"Admit" to reading your blog?? You're on my Favorites list and I'm proud to say so!
Keep up the good work and welcome back.
Lane 4