Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hip Hop Hippity Hop

My 5YO has been taking hip hop from a guy I could tell from day one was a rarity in Menlo Park. After a friend and I attempted to sit through many of Lee's classes for our kids (we were actually bouncing in our seats due to the stellar music), we decided to beg Lee to teach a class for US and our girls (yo).

"Think you can get 10 ladies out here?" he asked.

"Oh. Yah. For sure," my friend and I said. Fer shizit we did! Last night, after many of us nearly fell asleep reading bedtime stories to our little ones, 14 MP Ladies worked it to a fun routine and very loud music (we can still take it!). When it was over, we were left drenched with sweat at 9:30 at night, later than many of us had been up in a while.

It was heaven for me. Long ago I gave up all but the occasional once a year clubbing in the city, and my dance-twitch muscles have been atrophying ever since. The funk has slowly been dying (though I do still crank Rihanna and Eminiem in my minivan), and the camaraderie of dance studios and group routines to music that makes you feel personally and communally ALIVE has been completely lost in my life for 20 years. Dancing in (near) sync with others for me is much like swimming with the team - we all feed off each other, draft and cheat and peek and pull others along with a smile or a strong kick. We work hard together, and fall into a space of pain and pleasure we have happily chosen.

Why I chose more pain this morning I'm not sure, but here was the workout :)

*warmup: 15 minute straight swim free
*5 x 50's stroke or drill free
*15 minute straight swim mod to mod/hard
*10 x 50's stroke or drill free
*10 minute straight swim hard to warm down


SPT said...

photos please!

Anne Marie said...

Agreed! need photos!
and I think the harem pants will be purrrrfect;-)

Linda Hubbard Gulker said...

Hey, we do a hyperlocal blog about Menlo Park. Would love to do a story about you and Menlo Masters. Sorry to post this in comments but can't figure out how else to contact you. Linda

HammerHead said...

So that's why you wanted a draft this morning...

Erin said...

I want that guy's name. The ladies of Burlingame need to shake it up too! Love it.