Saturday, January 2, 2010

Killer Quad Eludes Me Again

I am SO bummed to be starting the new year by NOT being able to do the 100x100's. This was going to be the year, and I have the suit to prove it :). But, New Year's Day my chest cold annoyance turned into an all around flu, and though I went to sleep last night with my alarm set for 5 AM to see if I could swing it, the fever and chills I had in the middle of the night told me I wouldn't be able to.

I know most people think we're crazy, but I was loving the long swims this year, and I really wish there was a make up day next week! :(


Anne Marie said...

So sorry you missed it;(. ugh...well, maybe you'll just have to do a long swim this Sunday??:)

michael said...

that means you have 100x100s in reserve! keep that desire building, it'll fuel your year!