Thursday, April 12, 2007

Pre-swim Routine

Today I was late. I did not do the warm up, I admit. I was wrapped up in writing a post for my other blog at 5:15 AM, which stretched to 5:35 AM, and then I pried myself from the computer. I finished that post later. But it got me thinking, "I wonder what everyone else does in the morning before the 5:45 AM swim."

So, what do you do? How long before you have to get into the car do you set your alarm to go off? If you allow wiggle room between the alarm and the drive, what do you do during that "wiggly" time?

My alarm goes off at 5:15. I have to get in the car at 5:30 if I want to help with the pool covers. I don't ever want to help with the pool covers. I'm a bitch that way. But, I know I should help with the pool covers, and sometimes I can force myself to actually arrive at 5:40. On those days I pat myself on the back (and let this be an official virtual pat on the back for all of you who do covers regularly. Kudos to you. I'll get better now that I've put myself on blast, I promise.).

Anyhoo, at 5:15 I get up, brush my teeth, go downstairs, eat one Cliff shot block (Cran-Razz), and check my email. Usually I get stuck there too long. Then I hurriedly gather my suit and towel (frequently I find no clean towel downstairs and have to go back upstairs to get a new one) in my bag. Then I make sure I have my purse with enough cash in it to get an Americano at Borrone's after practice. Usually by this time I've woken up my two-year-old and I can hear him crying for me in tandem with my husband's curses against my early morning noise. Generally I sneak out, guilty and on tiptoes even though the whole house is already rockin', at 5:35.

So, what are your pre-swim mornings like?

Today's workout:

*As I said, missed most of the warm up. Instead I did a 500 warm down after practice.
*3 x 200's free with an easy 100 in between each
first 200: broken at 100 for 10 sec
second 200: broken at 50 for 5 sec
third 200: straight
*3 x 500's free with an easy 100 in between each
first 500: broken at 250 for 15 sec
second 500: broken at 100 for 10 sec
third 500: broken at 50 for 5 sec (or you can choose to do this straight. Of course, you can also choose to get out. I took the middle of the road and did it broken).
*4 x 25's: kick, sprint, scull, sprint


Emmit said...

I set my alarm for 5:21 and am allowed to hit the snooze once while my wife gets up and showers. Hopefully my 10-month-old son hasn't woken by the time the alarm sounds again and I sneak off to the bathroom where my wife is finishing her shower. I try not to think about how early it is or how much I'd like to go back to bed. Instead I put on a swimsuit, slop tons of conditioner in my hair and put a swim cap over (to reduce the taxing effects of pool chemicals on the locks). Then I slip-in my earrings, wrap a towel around, adorn the parka and Uggs, try to smile and kiss the wife, climb in the car and drive the three blocks to the pool (OK I should run or bike, but this is the only driving I do all day, really, it's still shameful though I know). I'm still trying not to think about how nice the bed would be, instead I hope there are plenty of people taking off the covers and I don't have to feel too guilty for not helping. I try not to run back home into bed and sort of stand on the deck dazed until Tim gathers everyone to explain the warm-up. I try not to run away back to bed and jump in the pool instead. Did I mention I try not to think about going back to bed? After a few laps I usually start to get into being there and am definitely proud and feeling good by the end of the workout.

Robin said...

Sarah...sounds like you had a good morning with those like the longer free right?

Great question and one I've pondered as well. Personally I don't have a problem with the 5.25 alarm clock. This is probaby because I do it at most once a week, usually mondays. It just seems so wrong to be awake before the daybreak wakes you up naturally. So mostly its the 7am practice for me. My wife and 15 month old like to sleep in until around 7.30ish and are hard to wake up earlier so I slip straight into my swimsuit (left next to the bed overnight for extra motivation), throw sweats on and step into my sandals as I hit the garage door opener.

The worst part of the morning is wondering if I remembered to pull my Jeep off the street the previous night...often I start the morning cursing myself as I receive yet another $37 ticket courtesy of Officer Sharma, who enforces the 2am-5am Menlo parking ordinance most vigorously (can't imagine what he/she must have done wrong to pull that shift!). Trying to cross the Menlo train tracks before the morning train blocks me off from the pool for what seems like ages is another little morning ritual. Lately I've been forgetting my towel, which makes for a damper than usual drive to Peets.

Going to take Emmit's tip on the hair conditioner...I can barely comb my hair after a few days of swimming consecutively.

See you in the morning for sprints ... my favourite:-)