Monday, April 9, 2007

Shiny Happy PEEPle...

Well, I left my shiny red suit in the locker room today. Again. Apparently once I order a new suit, I am done with the old. However, during the product shipping time, this leaves me with a little bit of a problem. Good thing I never, ever, throw away a suit until it has hung in my laundry room (much to my husband's dismay) for at least one full year. In other words, I have backups.

This is a good thing because I think I'll need another few days of swimming this week before I come down off the sugar high from yesterday's sticky buns, homemade chocolate waffles (yes, my dad does Easter right), Draeger's quiche and little yellow Peeps (which DO add up even though they are a "fat free candy" and look so nice and soft and harmless). They are not harmless. My dad's back yard resembled a park in Amsterdam's biggest coffee house district yesterday afternoon, with various children coming down, quick and harsh, from the effects of the sparkly yellow fluff.

This photo was taken just before the crash. Here's Ben staring adoringly into my eyes in thanks for the PeepSmack I just allowed him to practically mainline into his veins.

Just Say No to Peeps.

I'm not sure I can even remember the full work out from today...

*warm up with a 400 free, then 5 x 50's free

*5 x 100 free with each 100 done as follows: 25 kick, 25 one arm with other arm at side, 25 of first 12.5 yards sprint, 25 moderate


*4 x 100 free:
first 100 broken at 50 for 10 sec
second 100 recovery
third 100 strong
fourth 100 recovery
repeat 2 times

*floaty free/drill/whatever for five minutes
*one last fast 100

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Ann Burton said...

I saw your fabulous red suit hanging on a hook outside of the showers after the noon swim. Hopefully, someone will snag it for you or it's still there.

Lane 5 Ann
PS Loove the blog and tell your husband to come swim with us lane 5/6ers sometime. We're very friendly and patient with beginners!