Thursday, April 19, 2007

Great workout this morning and glad to have you back Tim. This "wind" and "cold" we have here this week must seem mild to you after braving the Boston Nor'easter but for uber weather wimps like me, it's effing freezing.

This is the end of April which is almost May which means summer is around the corner for F's sake. Could we get some warmth? At least the pool was it's reassuring 80 degree self (which of course is still not warm enough for me). I'm currently huddled over my coffee in a heated office with my Army jacket on. What would become of me if I ever left California to live in a colder climate? Oh what's the point in asking that question: I'm not going anywhere. Ever.

This morning:

*300, 200, 100 free

*8 x 100 kick with fins (done as 4 x 100 repeated twice)
1: back dolphin kick
2: side flutter
3: mostly underwater
4: sprint kick

*5 (yes FIVE) x 300 free descending by 3 seconds each time

*600 straight with paddles (first 100 DPS, second 100 moderate, third 100 faster, REPEAT for the 600 Yards)


Anne (Nana) said...

I love your blog. How about some info about your lane mates?

sarah said...

Hi Anne,
Thanks! I'd love to get info up about my lane mates AND other lane-folk. But, I only see ONE reply to my "tell me about yourself" post from yesterday :). Regardless I'll be accepting any info I can about anyone! Let's start with you. Tell me your story. When did you start swimming??