Tuesday, April 3, 2007


Happy Pesach people. If you non-Jews want to see what Jews do tonight (and last night), instead of Easter (or, in my case, in addition to Easter - I like bunnies and I grew up with candy filled eggs and I'll be damned if I'm giving those up just because I don't believe Jesus rose from the dead), get the story here. Don't worry, religious people scare me too. I promise I am not linking you to an in-depth explanation of why you should convert to Judaism.

Speaking of Passover, I'd have liked to pass right over the workout this morning. No-breathing freestyle, butterfly, underwater dolphin kicking and sprint kicking are numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4 on my Top 4 "Strokes" I Hate list. But I'm not complaining (much). Frankly I like to mix it up, and hey what about those obstacle course-like workouts we used to do? Pull outs and push ups and egg beaters with arms in the air...I'm ready for another of those mornings. Any other fans?

Today's Sedar Swim
*warm up with:
7 lengths free, 1 length kick
6 lengths free, 1 length kick
...you get the idea, down to 3 lengths free, 1 length kick
*4 x 75 repeated 3 times (on last person):
75 #1: underwater kick until you need to breathe, then flutter kick on back rest of the length
75 #2: fly, free, fly
75 #3: sprint free
75 #4: float free, scull, float free
*10 x 25 repeated 3 times (yes that's 30 total) done in this pattern (on last person):
4 x 25 fly
3 x 25 underwater dolphin kick
2 x 25 no breath free
1 x 25 sprint flutter kick
3 x 50 sprint: fly, free, kick

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Sue McGlennon said...

Hi Sarah, I am Catholic and have recently become interested in learning more about Jewish holidays. I appreciated your explanation of Passover and the Seder meal. I rolled over this morning when the alarm went off, so thanks for giving an update of what I missed at the workout.