Saturday, December 31, 2011


It's the LAST day of the year and I haven't posted since February. SHAME ON ME! I've been swimming (and keeping up my festive suits, such as this celebratory one that Kathleen Liston bought me last month for my 40th birthday), but I've also been working too much, and writing too little. So this is my NYE resolution: write. Part of that resolution includes this blog. Help me keep it! When you see me in the locker room, and I'm feeling especially vulnerable (naked), berate me for not posting enough. That should help. Hey, if I can get back to writing today, after 5,000 yards this morning and 10,000 yesterday morning, I should be able to do it any old day, right? Right.


monkeysmama said...

Uhhhh, ok. Tell me where this locker room is and I'll berate you!

ann burton said...

Well I didn't exactly berate you in the locker room but asked rather wistfully if you had given up on the blog awhile back. SO glad you're back!

AM! said...


was stoked to see you on my blogroll!;)