Tuesday, February 13, 2007

2 Can Morning

Ah, it's nice to be back after a three day hiatus from swimming and the long drives to and from LA (not to mention the bouts of vomiting from my little guy surrounding the Disneyland visit).

All three of my alarms (my two sons and my watch) were weak (or kind to me) this morning and I slept a bit more than usual but got to the pool fifteen minutes late. Luckily I don't have any meetings today and I was able to leisurely finish the workout and then keep going to make up what I missed (and then a bit). To top off the indulgent morning I got to use my favorite new product for the first time after my shower. This stuff smells like the curly cued little lemon zest they put on your cocktail at high-end bars, and it makes you feel like butter. But back to the workout...

All done with fins

2 x 600
25 fly kick on back, 25 flutter kick on back, 50 two arm back, 100 regular back. stop for 5 seconds. 50 fly kick on side, 50 flutter kick on side, 100 fist free, 200 regular free. Wait for last person and repeat!

3 x 600
first 600: broken at the 150. first 150 easy back, second 150 strong back, third 150 easy free, fourth 150 strong free.
second 600: broken at the 200. first 200 strong back, second 200 easy free, third 200 strong free.
third 600: broken at the 300. first 300 back, second 300 free.

1 x 1000
regular free, every fourth length flutter kick on back.
4000 yards (2 cans!)

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