Saturday, February 24, 2007

No Whining

Here's what I battled this morning (from last night of course) at 5:30AM. My head hurt (probably more from the three homemade frosted brownies I ate than the glass of red wine) and I was tired.

Sometimes the wine and chocolate doesn't seem worth it...for about five minutes. I do love it so. And I loved this morning's workout nearly as much. I'm a glutton for long sets of freestyle.

Here it is:

400 easy free
400 moderate free
add pull gear for the following 3,000 yards(!) of freestyle:
1x500 then pull apart and do 2x250
1x400 then pull apart and do 2x200
1x300 then pull apart and do 2x150
1x200 then pull apart and do 2x100
1x100 then pull apart and do 2x50
warm down with another easy 400 and call it a 4200 yard day!

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