Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Circle or Split?

Well. The pool was only down in temp this morning and it took me until 5PM and a hot bath to warm up yesterday after swimming in 78 degrees, so this morning of course I had to bail and lap swim in the warm pool.

I was warm. But I had to deal with lap swimmers. (Disclaimer: I love all swimmers. I'm not seriously mad at the lap swimmers. But let me go on.)

Mid-way into my first 500 of leisurely warmth a dude literally slapped my feet while I was flip turning. I stopped and looked up. "Wanna split!" he declared (not asked), arms akimbo with eyes up to the sky. It was not a question so I just shrugged, kept swimming, and stayed on my side.

Then a gal got in and jumped in front of me while (again) I was flip turning and force me to stop. "You have to circle now. There's three of us." Again, not a question, so I nodded and lined up behind her, only to be forced to slow my pace by 78%.

She moved to the next lane pretty quickly, and the dude next to me stopped (without slapping me this time) to say "Don't know why she got in our lane in the first place. Hmph!"

It was almost enough to force me back into the Icelandic performance pool - a frustrated hot-tubber whose waters just got too steamy to stand.

Eventually though, I ended up back in the lane alone to glide out my last 500. And now here I sit, warm all 'da way through.

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Nancy said...

you are too funny...wish I could complain about pool temps instead of fighting off a daycare strep AGAIN!