Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Okay, I know there are people suffering in the world - no food or clean water and all that - but I SWAM IN 78 DEGREE WATER THIS MORNING PEOPLE. I shivered my way through the short-distance sets (goosebump-inducing even in 81 degree water for me) until finally, at the 55 minute mark I just couldn't take it anymore. The warm pool beckoned. When I jumped in it felt as if I had been wrapped in a heated wool blanket in the center of an Alabama summer and whooooeeee did it feel good.

Tim, let's get that temp up by tomorrow, por favor.

*warm up: struggle to catch breath in cold water through:
100 free, 50 back to breast
repeat 4 times

*100 IM build; 50 back to breast; 2 x 25's strong free; 100 recovery
repeat 3.25 times. That's right. The IM build starts with 25 fly, 75 free and builds to full IM fast in the .25 spot.

*200 strong free; 100 relaxed IM
*200 strong free; 75 relaxed IM
*200 strong free; 50 relaxed IM
*200 strong free; 25 relaxed IM


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Haim said...

Thank g-d I decided to stay snuggled in my warm bed this morning :)