Tuesday, November 13, 2007

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Thank goodness last night I emptied my sons' (yes that is both of my sons') Halloween candy buckets into my belly. I needed that fuel for the work out today.

*warm up: 200 free, 75 back, 200 free, 50 breast, 200 free, 25 fly
done straight

add fins for:

*3 x 350's done as:
150 free, 25 underwater, 100 free, 25 underwater, 50 free (free swims descending)

*500, 400, 300 with:
10 underwater dolphin kicks on back, 10 underwater dolphin kicks on belly, 10 fly strokes, 10 sprint free strokes with no breaths
repeated twice in each swim

remove fins for:
*3 x 100's on the 1:45
*100 warm down

1 comment:

Haim said...

It took you until November 12th to eat your kids' Halloween candy?!...AMATEUR!!! ;)