Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Turkey and Nuts

Tim and Michele have got to be nuts. But a good nuts...like "Wow, I wish I was nuts like that because then I'd be a total bad ass," nuts. While I was on the east coast stuffing myself with stuffing and brined bird (and some nuts, actually, as in pecan pie), those two were completing two Ironman races...at the same time.

Read about it here.

"But no athletic victory could match the priceless reward that Sheeper
enjoyed as his lovely children, wife, sister and brother-in-law gathered
around their well-loved Tim in the cool shade of a Hawaiian tree at the
finish line."

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Blake said...

Congratulations to Tim on a great performance.

A bit off topic: for the next little bit I am a stay at home dad (wife lost the who goes back to work first coin toss). Is there a one hour or ninety minute child care service available in the vicinity of the pool? My schedule favors the noon work out. Direct email is fine: bbe@netgate.net. Thanks!