Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Paddle Danger

It didn't really dawn on me why I never feel nervous about open water swim starts, until my BFF commented on how crowded she feels during them - being used, as she is, to swimming alone. WELL, frankly? I've found that swimming during morning workout with 5-8 people per lane during a long pull set is wayyyyyy more dangerous than open water swim starts, and it explains why I don't feel out of my comfort zone at all when doing them.

This morning some lame lane one person (totally kidding - I'm sure it was my fault, I'm just speed-jealous), cracked the back of my hand perfectly atop a vein where there ain't much skin or blubber to cushion the blow, with the slicing edge of their paddle. It hurt enough for me to throw the F bomb underwater (anyone hear it?) and by the time I had retrieved my paddle and got to the side I already had a half a golf ball sized lump.

"Holy Guacamole!" Dr. Lanshin said as she pulled in to finish the swim.

"Now THAT'S not what you want to hear from a doctor" said Tim.

"Well, will I die?" I said.

"No" Tim said. "Spit on it and keep swimming."

So I did, but let's just say I'm having trouble typing this. Here's what we swam:

*warmup: 15 minute straight swim (as far as I could tell)

add paddles for:

*400, 200
*400, 200, 2 x 150's
*400, 200, 2 x 150's, 3 x 100's

some sort of warm down I skipped to ice my hand.


Anne Marie said...

Holy Guacamole is right! And I'm jealous of your master's swim....

Haim said...

A quick public service message:

Friday is National Donut Day!!!

An Apple Fritter will make anything better :)

That is all.

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